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primary max and mand 2nd molars resemble
permanent max and mand first molars
primary max and mand 1st molars resemble
nothing in the permanent dentition
primary max 1st molar
replaced by permanent 1st PM, 2 cusps (MB, ML), 3 roots very divergent, without root trunk
primary max 2nd molar
replaced by permanent 2nd PM,
primary mand 1st molar,
4 cusps, transverse ridge, 2 roots
primary mand 2nd molar
all three buccal cusps same size
max first primary molar most resembles
mand first primary molar has most unique
buccal cervical bulge or ridge
mand first primary molar has
prominent transverse ridge
mand 1st and max 1st primary molars resemble
nothing in permanent dentition
mand second and max second primary molars resemble
the mand first and max first permanent molars respectively