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what are some tendencies of peole with a type A behavior pattern?
impatient competitive preoccupied with deadlines, and highly involvied with their jobs
what disease is associated with type A personalities
associated wiht increased coronary heart disease
what specific behavior causes type A personalities to have more heart problems?
are type A or type B personalities more likely to have a SECOND heart attack?
what is the key stress response pathway in the brain.
hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
what rae hte physiologic changes in response to stress?
through the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis the cortisol levels rise then fall with 24 hours. then there is a second spike in cortisol levels 48 to 72 hours after the stressor
what percentage of intelligence is inherited?
what is the average IQ?
What score and how many stardard deviations above the mean is very superior?
score over 130 and it is 2 SD from the mean
What score is considered mentally disables?
less than 69
What are the four IQ tests for different ages?
-Wechster Adult Intelligence Scale - for adults
Wechster intelligence scale for children - ages 6-17
-wechster preschool and primary scale of intelligence - ages 4 to 6
Stanford-Binet Scale - this was the first IQ test which is still used for children under age 4.
What is a projective test?
ambiguous stimuli; wide reange of responses possible, scored by experienced cliniciaan using consensual standards
what are four classic examples of projective tests?
1. rorschach inkblot test
2. thematic aperception test (TAT)
3. Sentence Completion Test
4. Projective drawings
what are the five neuropsychologic tests?
1. Halsted-Reitan BAttery
2. luria nebraska battery
3. bender visual motor gestalt test
4. benton visual retention test
5. wechsler memory scale
What are four actions an infant should be able to do at birth?
-reaching and grasping
-imitate facial expressions
-synchronize limb movements
-crying and clinging
When do we learn to smile?
smile in respond to environment?
smile in response to certain people?
-able to smile at birth
-at 8 weeks able to smile at due to environment
-smile at certain people by 12 to 18 weeks
which comes first:
release or grasp
palm up or palm down
palm up
In which order can a child draw specific shapes? (6 shapes)
Circle, Cross, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Diamond
At what age can a child draw a diamond?
7 years
at what age can a child draw a circle?
3 years
at what age can a child draw a rectangle?
4 1/2 years
when does the brain growth spurt occur?
it occurs during hte last trimester up to the 14 months after birth (17 months total)
at what age does stranger anxiety occur?
6 months - 12 months
it is usually complete by the first birthday
when does separation anxiety mainly occur?
12-24 months