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A fixed signal at the entrance of a block that governs trains entering and using that block.
Block Signal
Employee Assigned to operate a CTC or interlocking control machine or authorized to grant track permits
Control Operator
The location of absolute signals controlled by a control operator.
Control Point
A siding within CTC or interlocking limits where a signal indication authorizes the siding's use.
Controlled Siding
Signal appliances that are interconnected so that each of their movements follows the other in a proper sequence. Interlockings may be operated manually or automatically.
The tracks between outer opposing absolute signals of an interlocking.
Interlocking Limits
A track extending through yards and between stations that must not be occupied without authority or protection
Main Track
A movement opposite the authorzied direction.
Reverse Movement
The apperance of a fixed or cab signal.
Signal Aspect
A notice of conditions affecting train movement. It may also authorize movement against the current of traffic where Rule 9.14
Track Bulletin