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I; utsu(ru/su)
shift; move; change; drift; catch (cold; fire); pass into

“TRANSFER many rice plants.”
EI; itona(mu/mi)
occupation; camp; perform; build; conduct (business)

“They OCCUPIED a castle with an ornate
fluid; liquid; juice; sap; secretion

“Late at night, I SECRETE a very special FLUID”
EKI; YAKU; ma(su)
benefit; gain; profit; advantage

“Plate under a table glowing with PROFIT”
grace; kindness; goodness; favor; mercy; blessing; benefit

“Feelings in the heart are the cause of
KA; su(giru); -su(giru); -sugi; ayama(tsu/chi)
overdo; exceed; go beyond; error

“It was a MISTAKE to move those bones…
you’ve GONE TO FAR.”
status; rank; capacity; character; case (law; grammar)

“Do you have the CAPACITY to RANK every tree
according to STANDARD?”
GAN; GEN; manako; me

“Stop and stare with a big EYEBALL.”
KI; moto; motoi
fundamentals; radical (chem); counter for machines; foundation

“COUNT the winnowing device set on a
FOUNDATION of earth.”
KI; yo(ru); yo(ri); yo(seru)
draw near; stop in; bring near; gather; collect; send; forward

“A strange person APPROACHES my house.”
standard; measure

“Adult male looked upon as a STANDARD”
KYO; yuru(su); moto
permit; approve

“The words of the PERMIT were APPROVED at noon”
KEI; KYOU; he(ru); ta(tsu)
sutra; longitude; pass thru; expire; war

“The SUTRAS are threads of wisdom that PASS THROUGH
the LONGITUDE of the earth,
and we pull them out with our own hand.”
KEN; kewa(shii)
precipitous; inaccessible place; impregnable position; steep place; sharp eyes

“My older brother dons a tenugi and a coolie
hat before climbing the STEEP hill ”
GEN; arawa(reru); arawa(su)
present; existing; actual

“Does the king see what ACTUALLY EXISTS?”
individual; counter for articles and ilitary units

“That INDIVIDUAL is a hard person, and he
COUNTS his things the hard way.”
KOU; tagaya(su)
till; plow; cultivate

“Use the PLOW to TILL between the well
and the many-branched tree.”
KON; ma(jiru); -ma(jiri); ma(zaru/zeru)
mix; blend; confuse

“Compare the BLENDED liquid MIX ratio under the sun
every day so youdon’t get CONFUSED. ”
SAI; to(ru)
pick; take; fetch; take u

“Gather fruit from the tree with both hands.”
property; money; wealth; assets

“Accumulating a lot of MONEY requires a WEALTH of talent.”
OU; YOU; sakura
cherry tree

“Japanese woman with a comb in her hair
sits beside a CHERRY TREE.”
expert; teacher; master; army; war

“TEACHER wears a cloth robe and stuffs a rod up your ass.”
JU; sazu(keru/karu)
impart; instruct; grant; confer

“I will CONFER a GRANT upon you if you receive
it from my hand.”
SHUU; SHU; osa(meru/maru)
discipline; conduct oneself well; study; master

the art of the brush.”
JUTSU; sube
art; technique; skill; means; trick; resources; magic

“Using a special TECHNIQUE is the TRICK to going around
both sides of the funny tree at the same time—like MAGIC”
JOU; tsune; toko
-usual; ordinary; normal; regular

“I USUALLY lay out the cloth facing in eight
ORDINARY directions”
JOU; SEI; nasa(ke)
feelings; emotion; passion; sympathy; circumstances; facts

“You have to FEEL the PASSION of the blues in your
heart to play with EMOTION.”
SEKI; se(meru)
blame; condemn; censure

“The money-debt keeps growing—who’s to BLAME?”
SETSU; tsu(gu)
touch; contact; adjoin; piece together

“Standing woman TOUCHES with her hand
to make CONTACT.”
SETSU; mou(keru)
establishment; provision; prepare

“PREPARE with words, ESTABLISH with a
hammer in your hand.”
SO, -oya
ancestor; pioneer; founder

“Our ANCESTORS worshiped at an cairn
that was also an altar.”
SO; SU; moto
elementary; principle; naked; uncovered

“You’re in the raw, NAKED, without your threads
ZOU; tsuku(ru/ri); -zuku(ri)
create; make; structure; physique

“Proclamation of a CREATION in motion. ”
SOKU; notto(ru)
rule; follow; based on; model after

“FOLLOW the RULE when MODELING a shell by cutting it.”
TAI; shirizo(ku/keru); no(ku); no(keru); do(ku)
retreat; withdraw; retire; resign; repel; expel; reject

“Stop and stare, then MOVE BACK in RETREAT.”
DAN; ta(tsu); kotowa(ru)
severance; decline; refuse; apologize; warn; dismiss; prohibit; decision; judgement; cutting

“I REFUSE to cut the rice in the corner with an axe.”
CHOU; ha(ru); -ha(ri); -ba(ri)
lengthen; counter for bows & stringed instruments; stretch; spread; put up (tent)

“STRETCH the BOW out by LENGTHENING the bowstring”
DOKU; TOKU; hito(ri)
single; alone; spontaneously; Germany

“Bug-ridden GERMAN sheperd dog is left ALONE.”
NOU; yo(ku)
ability; talent; skill; capacity

“NOH actor has fleshy nose and claws, but has
great TALENT and ABILITY.”
HA; yabu(ru); yabu(reru)
rend; rip; tear; break; destroy; defeat; frustrate

“The rock RENDS a RIP in the hide. ”
HYOU; tawara
bag; bale; sack; counter for bags

“Each person on the list gets a BAG or a SACK.”
HIN; BIN; mazu(shii)
poverty; poor

“POOR people must carefly divide their money.”
lady; woman; wife; bride

“WIFE is a LADY holding a broom.”
HO; HOU; tamo(tsu)
protect; guarantee; keep; preserve; sustain; support

“Person puts PRESERVED wood in his mouth
just to SUSTAIN himself.”
MU; tsuto(meru)
task; duties

“Your DUTY and your TASK is to use the
lance to strike with force.”
MEI; mayo(u)
astray; be perplexed; in doubt; lost; err; illusion

“I’m CONFUSED about how the rice was LOST in transport.”
YOU; ire(ru)
contain; form; looks

“The sky is like a roof that LOOKS like
it CONTAINS the valley.”
ratio; rate; proportion; %; coefficient; factor

“Weave the cap by twisting threads in a
RATIO of ten – to -four”
RYAKU; hobo; ryaku(su); ryaku(suru)
abbreviation; omission; outline; shorten; capture; plunder

“Designate each CAPTURED field with an
RYUU; RU; to(meru/maru); todo(meru/maru)
detain; fasten; halt; sto

“I STOPPED in the field to FASTEN my bent sword.”
performance; act; play; render; stage

“PERFORM under roof on yellow STAGE by the river. ”
congratulations; joy

“CONGRATULATIONS on having such a powerful mouth.”
KAI; GE; to(ku/kasu/keru); hodo(ku/keru)
unravel; notes; key; explanation; understanding; untie; undo; solve; answer; cancel; absolve; explain; minute

of how to CANCEL a cow with a sword”
KAN; miki

“The dried TRUNK of a TREE holds up the roof
as the sun rises to our left.”
KAN; na(reru/rasu)
accustomed; get used to; become experienced

“My heart is ACCUSTOMED to seeing the field with
an extra long line through it. ”
righteousness; justice; morality; honor; loyalty; meaning

“Killing the sheep with a halberd is a matter of JUSTICE,
KYOU; KEI; sakai
boundary; border; region

“Stand on this earth and watch the BORDER.”
prohibition; ban; forbid

“The PROHIBITION indicates that it’s FORBIDDEN
beneath the two trees.”
GUN; mu(re/reru/ra); mura(garu)
flock; group; crowd; herd; swarm; cluster

“You guys can HERD that FLOCK of sheep.”
examination; investigate

“Older brother puts on a cap to INVESTIGATE
under the wooden roof.”
GEN; he(ru); he(rasu)
dwindle; decrease; reduce; decline; curtail; get hungry

“Each soldier holds one halberd in the mouth and gets
a DWINDLING water ration.”
KOU; kama(eru); kama(u)
posture; build; pretend

“Let’s PRETEND those stacked baskets are
BUILT out of wood.”
mineral; ore

“That ORE is a widely-dispered MINERAL.”
SAI; kiwa; -giwa
occasion; side; edge; verge; dangerous; adventurous; indecent; time; when

“It’s INDECENT and DANGEROUS to worship on
that SIDE of the village.”
ZAI; tsumi
guilt; sin; crime; fault; blame; offense

“It’s a CRIME to use the net, and you’re GUILTY.”

“Nine MISCELLANEOUS birds gather in the trees.”
SAN; su(i)
acid; bitterness; sour; tart

“The ACID in that SOUR sake hits so hard it
knocks me off my legs.”
assets; resources; capital; funds; data; be conducive to; contribute to

“Accumulating a lot of MONEY requires a WEALTH of talent.”
SHI; ka(u)
domesticate; raise; keep; feed

“The official will arange to RAISE the DOMESTIC animals
and KEEP them in FEED”
JUN; jun(jiru); jun(suru); nazora(eru)
semi-; correspond to; proportionate to; conform; imitate

“This kanji CORRESPONDS toan IMITATION of ten
SEMI-aquatic birds.”
SHOU; akashi
evidence; proof; certificate

“The correct words are EVIDENCE that this CERTIFICATE
of PROOF is real.”
SEI; ZEI; ikio(i); hazumi
forces; energy; military strength

benind a round mound of earth.”
refined; ghost; fairy; energy; vitality; semen; excellence; purity; skill

“The EXCELLENT rice was so REFINED it had a GHOSTLY
blue color, and it was full of ENERGY.”
made in...; manufacture

“These garments were MANURACTURED from
cut ‘cow-cloth’ (leather)”
tax; duty

“My brother the martian comes to collect the rice TAX.”
ZETSU; ta(eru/yasu); ta(tsu)
discontinue; beyond; sever; cut off; abstain; interrupt; suppress

“They DISCONTINUED making that color threat
because it didn’t CREASE or CUT right.”
SEN; ZEN; zeni
coin; .01 yen; money

“Use the triple-sharp halberd to cut the metal
into COINS of .01 yen each.”
SOU; su(bete)
general; whole; all; full; total

“The public spirit is the thread that unites the WHOLE. ”
statue; picture; image; figure; portrait

“STATUE of a man next to an elephant.”
ZOU; ma(su/shi); fu(eru); fu(yasu)
increase; add; augment; gain; promote

“Good earth and sunshine INCREASES the
yield of a paddy by 8-fold.”
SOKU; haka(ru)
fathom; plan; scheme; measure

“It’s hard to FATHOM your PLAN for cutting
shellfish in the water. ”
belong; genus; subordinate official; affiliated

“See that bug with the long legs under the door?
What GENUS does that BELONG to?”
SON; soko(nau); soko(neru)
damage; loss; disadvantage; hurt; injure

“That employee did a lot of DAMAGE with his hands.”
TAI; waza(to)
attitude; condition; figure; appearance; voice (of verbs)

“That Noh actor has a great ATTITUDE, strikes a handsome
figure, and APPEARS to have a lot of talent in his heart. ”
TAI; ka(su); ka(shi)-; kashi

“Man LOANS out seven shell-coins”
TEI; CHOU; DAI; sa(geru)
propose; take along; carry in hand

“I PROPOSE you TAKE ALONG a certain number of animals
by hand during the day.”
TEI; hodo; -hodo
extent; degree; law; formula; distance; limits; amount

“The LAW LIMITS the DISTANCE from the young tree to
build the EXTENDED entrance.”
TEKI; kana(u)
suitable; occasional; rare; qualified; capable

“As you head down south, you’ll find SUITABLE,
TOU; su(beru)
overall; relationship; ruling; governing

“The thread of our RELATIONSHIP is the OVERALL
GOVERNING principle that fully binds us.”
DOU; akagane

“Copper is the SAME as any other metal.”
BI; sona(eru); sona(waru); tsubusa(ni)
equip; provision; preparation

“Person EQUIPPED with grass is PREPARED to use
it for a roof.”
evaluate; criticism; comment

the matter evenly, with peaceful words.”
FU; FUU; to(mu); tomi
wealth; enrich; abundant

“A roof over one’s head, and enough from the rice paddy
to feed one mouth—that’s an ABUNDANCE of WEALTH.”
FUKU; mata
restore; return to; revert; resume

“I go to find the person who struck me under the sun,
and RETURN the favor.”
BO; haka
grave; tomb

“A TOMB is a house under the sun-fed grass. ”
HOU; muku(iru)
report; news; reward; retribution

“Let’s get half-dressed in our happy clothes to REPORT
the NEWS of this REWARD.”
HOU; BU; yuta(ka); toyo
bountiful; excellent; rich

“When I eat a BOUNTIFUL amount of beans, I make an
EXCELLENT melody with a RICH aroma afterwords.”
trade; exchange

“I got money in TRADE for that bent sword at the
MU; yume; yume(miru)
dream; vision; illusion

“Lay down in the grass under cover of night, close
your eyes, and DREAM.”
YO; azu(keru/karu)
deposit; custody; leave with; entrust to

“Dr. Lector already LEFT that guy’s head in a DEPOSIT box,
but now it’s ENTRUSTED TO Clarice. ”
eaves; roof; house; heaven

“Child hides under stiff roof, set to go to heaven.”
defense; protection

“I’m going to DEFEND that opening for almost 5 years.”
GA; ware; wa(ga)
ego; I; selfish; our; oneself

“I, MYSELF, hold a halberd in my hand, with a tassel
to symbolize MYSELF.”
KAI; hai
ashes; puckery juice; cremate

“The entire hill was on fire, and reduced to ASHES.”
KAKU; tashi(ka/kameru)
assurance; firm; tight; hard; solid; confirm; clear; evident

“I can ASSURE that it is CLEARLY EVIDENT that
crested bird is a ‘Roc’.”
GAKU; hitai
forehead; tablet; plaque; framed picture; sum; amount; volume

“The guest hit his FOREHEAD with a TABLET.”
KAN; ho(su); ho(shi)-; -bo(shi); hi(ru)
dry; parch

“The dried TRUNK of a TREE holds up the roof
as the sun rises to our left.”
KI; abu(nai); aya(ui); aya(bumu)
dangerous; fear; uneasy

“UNEASY, FEARFUL person crouches at the edge of a
DANGEROUS cliff to regard his fallen comrade. ”
KI; tsukue
desk; table

“That DESK is made out of the same wood as that TABLE.”
KYUU; su(u)
suck; imbibe; inhale; si

“If it reaches the mouth, then SUCK it in.”
KOU; KYOU; oko(ru/su)
entertain; revive; retrieve; interest; pleasure

“It’s ENTERTAINING to watch two hands working
on the same patient to REVIVE him.”
lineage; system

“My LINEAGE is a single thread stretching
back through time.”
KETSU; isagiyo(i)
undefiled; pure; clean; righteous; gallant

“The RIGHTEOUS lord’s sword is undefiled, and must
be CLEANED by lowering it into PURE water with a thread.”
KETSU; ana
hole; aperture; slit; cave; den

“There are eight HOLES under the roof of the CAVE.”
KO; KI; onore; tsuchinoto
self; snake; serpent
safeguard; protect

“Speak the words again, to PROTECT us from the
birds in the grass.”
KOU; GO; GOU; kisaki
empress; queen; after; behind; back; later

“The QUEEN has an axe in her mouth.”
filial piety; child's respect

“FILIAL PIETY puts the child beneath the older person.”
lecture; club; association

“LECTURE is a built with baskets full of words.”
tome; counter for books; volume

“Think of three volumes stacked behind a bar.”
approve; praise; title or inscription on picture; assist; agree with

“Two husbands PRAISE the shellfish.”
SHI; ita(ru)
climax; arrive; proceed; reach; attain; result in

“One nose pressed into the earth during CLIMAX.”
discriminating; know; write

“A DISCRIMINATING man KNOWS how to speak
while standing under the sun with a HALBERD.”
SHITSU; SHICHI; CHI; tachi; tada(su)
substance; quality; matter; temperament

“I made those two axes out of shellfish—
not the highest QUALITY SUBSTANCE.”
SHA; ayama(ru)
apologize; thank; refuse

“Speak the words of an APOLOGY
for trying to measure your body.”
shaku; Japanese foot; measure; scale; rule
SHUU; osa(meru/maru)
income; obtain; reap; pay; supply; store

“Hand OBTAINS pitchfork from a SUPPLY STORE.”
dispose; manage; deal with; sentence; condemn; act; behave

“DISPOSE of that table in the winter.”
SHIKI; SHOKU; o(ru); o(ri)
weave; fabric

“Stand under the sun with a halberd to WEAVE
threads into a FABRIC.”
post; employment; work

“It’s my JOB to stand under the sun with a
halberd cut off ears.”
humanity; virtue; benevolence; charity; man; kernel

how two people treat each other.”
measurement; foot/10
exploits; unreeling cocoons

“I don’t blame you for your recent EXPLOITS, stealing
threads from UNREELING COCOONS.”
suppose; be aware of; believe; feel

“I SUPPOSE the child is AWARE of his own talent,
and that’s why he BELIEVES in himself.”
home; house; residence; our house; my husband

“MY HUSBAND lost 2/3 of his hair under the
roof of that HOUSE. ”
CHIKU; kizu(ku)
fabricate; build; construct

“I used bamboo to FABRICATE a handle for
that wooden desk.”
government office

“The GOVERNMENT OFFICE is the large, t-shaped
building down the block.”
TEKI; kataki; kana(u)
enemy; foe; opponent

“Stand at the old borders and strike out against ENEMY.”
DOU; michibi(ku)
guidance; leading; conduct; usher

“Measured hand provides GUIDANCE to CONDUCT
one down the path.”
benevolence; virtue; goodness; commanding respect

“BENEVOLENCE goes out to capture the spirit
with ten VIRTUOUS nets.”
NEN; mo(eru); mo(yasu); mo(su)
burn; blaze; glow

“Fire BURNS, thus the BLAZE and the GLOW.”
duplicate; double; compound; multiple

“Person sits crosslegged beneath the sun
with DUPLICATE clothing.”
HEN; kata-; kata
one-sided; leaf; sheet
HEN; a(mu); -a(mi)
compilation; knit; plait; braid; twist; editing; completed poem; part of a book

“Beside the door there’s a COMPILATION of books
on the arts of KNITTING and BRAIDING.”
BOU; MOU; na(i); na(ki)-; horo(biru/bu); horo(bosu)
deceased; the late; dying; perish
BOU; BAKU; aba(ku); aba(reru)
outburst; rave; fret; force; violence; cruelty; outrage

“EXPOSED to violent sun together with insufficient
MEN; wata

“COTTON is a cloth made from white threads. ”
transport; send; be inferior

“TRANSPORT a single piece of cut meat
under a covered vehicle.”
YOU; osana(i)
infancy; childhood

“You have to keep that strong INFANT on a short
leash during CHILDHOOD.”
jurisdiction; dominion; territory; fief; reign

“A wise leader REIGNS over his TERRITORY by
making the rules for his DOMINION with his head..”
EI; utsu(ru/su); ha(eru); -bae
reflect; reflection; projection

“The sun is REFLECTED in the center of the PROJECTION.”
EN; no(biru/beru); no(be); no(basu)
prolong; stretching

“STRETCHING your feet correctly will
PROLONG their usefulness.”
EN; so(u); -zo(i)
run alongside; follow along; run along; lie along

“The water RUNS ALONGSIDE through eight holes.”
KAKU; hiro(garu/geru)
broaden; extend; expand; enlarge

“Use the hand to BROADEN, widen and
ENLARGE the object.”
KAKU; kawa
leather; become serious; skin; hide; pelt

This LEATHER comes from middle ten percent
of the SKIN of twenty one cows. ”
stocks; stump; shares; stock; counter for small plants

“The red tree STUMP company went
public with its STOCK.”
KAN; KEN; ma(ku/ki); maki
scroll; volume; book; part; roll up; wind up; tie; coil; counter for texts (on book scrolls)

“Light two fires by yourself with ROLLED VOLUMES.”
KAN; mi(ru)
watch over; see

“WATCH THINGS, using the eyes to SEE
and the hand to control.”
KYOU; KU; KUU; GU; sona(eru); tomo; -domo
submit; offer; present; serve (meal); accompany

“People who are together should ACCOMPANY one another,
SUBMIT to each other, SERVE each other.”
KYOU; mune; muna
bosom; breast; chest; heart; feelings

“That great BOSOM is nothing more than BREASTS
surrounding a HEART empty of FEELINGS.”
KO; yo(bu)
call; call out to; invite

“With a peaceful mouth, CALL OUT your INVITATION.”

“The EMPEROR is a king who wears robes of white. ”
KOU; KU; beni; kurenai
crimson; deep red

“That bow is constructed out of threads of DEEP CRIMSON.”
KOU; GO; o(riru); o(rosu); fu(ru); fu(ri)
descend; precipitate; fall; surrender

“Every year, they DESCENDED the hill and
beat us into SURRENDER.”
KOKU; kiza(mu/mi)
engrave; cut fine; chop; hash; mince; time; carving

“MINCE threads by CUTTING the tops off.”
KOTSU; hone
skeleton; bone; remains; frame

“A skull is a BONE without the flesh on its FRAME.”
KON; koma(ru)
quandary; become distressed; annoyed

“A tree growing in a tiny enclosure is in a
QUANDARY, and can
SA; SHA; suna

“Sand is made of a bunch of ‘little’ stones. ”
ZA; suwa(ru)
squat; seat; cushion; gathering; sit

“Under the roof, there’s a GATHERING of people
SQUATTING and SITTING on CUSHIONS on the ground.”
SHI; sugata
figure; form; shape

“My next woman will have a SHAPEly FIGURE.”
SHI; watakushi; watashi
private; I; me

“I, MYSELF, am still like a young tree with two
branches—but I keep that PRIVATE.”
JAKU; NYAKU; NYA; waka(i); waka-; mo(shikuha); mo(shi);
young; if; perhaps; possibly; low number; immature

“IF they keep the YOUNG grass on the right, then
POSSIBLY they’re more IMMATURE than we thought.”
SHUU; SOU; mune
religion; sect; denomination; main point; origin; essence

“Each RELIGION, SECT and DENOMIATION things it can show
the POINT OF ORIGIN and ESSENCE under it’s own roof.”
JOU; shiro

“Even a mighty CASSTLE willoneday fall into the earth.”
SUI; ta(reru/rasu); ta(re); -dare; nannanto(su)
droop; suspend; hang; slouch

“This kanji doesn’t have DROOPING strokes HANGING from
the bottom like the one that means RIDE.”
proclaim; say; announce

“The PROCLAMATION ANNOUNCES that the roof will
be finished in two days.”
SEN; moppa(ra)
specialty; exclusive; mainly; solely

“This SPECIALTY item is picked SOLEly by hand,
EXCLUSIVELY from ten measured fields.”
SEN; izumi
spring; fountain

“A FOUNTAIN makes a froth of white water”
SEN; ara(u)
wash; inquire into; probe

“WASH with water BEFORE you INQUIRE—
this PROBE will expose a lot of dirt.”
SEN; so(meru/maru); -zo(me); shi(miru/meru); -ji(miru)
dye; color; paint; stain; print

“Add nine drops of water to the COLORful
sap of that tree to make a DYE.”
SOU; kana(deru)
play music; speak to a ruler; complete

“In springtime, we PLAY MUSIC when we
SPEAK TO the son of heaven.”
TAN; katsu(gu); nina(u)
shouldering; carry; raise; bear

“I can SHOULDER that burden, and CARRY
it by hand for a single day.”
grade; steps; stairs

“Strike with an axe to cut STEPS into
the steep GRADE of a cliff.”
mid-air; air; space; sky; memorization; interval of time

“The music of a flute fills the SPACE under the roof.”
loyalty; fidelity; faithfulness

“LOYALTY and FIDELITY lie at the center of one’s true spirit.”
KAI; todo(keru); -todoke; todo(ku)
deliver; reach; arrive; report; notify; forward

“There must be a reason they left the REPORT
under the door after they DELIVERED it.”
NYUU; chichi; chi
milk; breasts

“Hungry child reaches for BREASTS swollen with MILK.”
faction; group; party; clique; sect; school

“FACTIONS split off the main tributary like drops of water.”
HAI; oga(mu)
worship; adore; pray to

“Hand holds up an eight-branched plant in WORSHIP.”
HAI; SE; SEI; somu(ku); somu(keru)
stature; height; back; behind; disobey; defy; go back on; rebel

“People in the north are of great STATURE: their HEIGHT is
so great it DEFIES the moon.”

“The flesh of the LUNGS is a delicate fabric.”
HI; ina; iya
negate; no; noes; refuse; decline; deny

“REFUSE, DECLINE, DENY—every time you open
your mouth, something negative comes out.”
criticism; strike

“CRITICISM isn’t just a comparison—it’s a
STRIKE with a critical hand.”
HEI; HOU; na(mi); nara(beru); nara(bu); nara(bini)
row; and; besides; as well as; line up; rank with; rival; equal

“LINE UP, standing in two ROWS of eight.”
HOU; takara
treasure; wealth; valuables

“A man’s real WEALTH is what he TREASURES
enough to keep under his own roof.”
BOU; wasu(reru)

“To FORGET something is to let part of your spirit die.”
sheet of...; counter for flat thin objects or sheets

“Pound the wood with a stick until it’s
as FLAT as a SHEET of paper.”
RAN; RON; mida(reru/ru/su); mida; osa(meru); wata(ru)
riot; war; disorder; disturb

“Person who speeks with an odd tongue
creates CHAOS and DISORDER.”
RAN; tamago
egg; ovum; spawn; roe

“Person sits crosslegged beneath the sun
with DUPLICATE clothing.”
rhythm; law; regulation; gauge; control

“Brush in hand RYTHMically writes the LAWS and
REGULATIONS for going.”