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body, object
On: タイ、テイ
Kun: からだ
Most Used: からだ
TDR: person + foundation

the body is the foundation of a person.

TIE up the body and TAKE it to the morgue.
stage, stand, pedestal
On: タイ、ダイ
Kun: うてな
Most Used: タイ
TDR: moocow + mouth

this is the counter for cars, and it also means "platform" or "level," as in, "The Yen has reached the level of
110 yen to a dollar."

Put the cow on the platform next to the mouth.

I wish your SUV would fucking DIE already.
ground, earth
On: チ、ジ
Kun: つち
Most Used: チ
TDR: ground + scorpions

dangerous scorpions on the ground in that area. They'll sting until you're covered in CHI (血)
On: チ
Kun: いけ
Most Used: いけ
TDR: water + scorpion

there's a scorpion living in the water of that pond.
know, wisdom
On: チ
Kun: し(る)、し(らせる)
Most Used: し(る)
TDR: arrow 矢 + mouth
On: チャ、サ
Kun: none
Most Used: チャ
TDR: flower + peaked roof + katakana “ho”

it is traditional to serve flower-scented tea to the HOE under the peaked roof.
afternoon, noon, daytime, lunch
On: チュウ
Kun: ひる
Most Used: ひる
TDR: Volcano + sun

Today, noon was as hot as a volcano. CHEW your lunch at noon.
long, leader, head of an organization
On: チョウ
Kun: なが(い)、おさ、たける
Most Used: なが(い)
TDR: some kind of weird shit + kick in the nuts.


i've waited a long time to kick margaret chou in the nuts.
On: チョウ
Kun: とり
Most Used: とり
TDR: Margaret Cho trying to tell a joke is like trying to watch a certain type of bird (penguin, chicken, emu) fly. I
mean it is funny but not in the way it is supposed to be.
morning, dawn
On: チョウ
Kun: あさ、あした
Most Used: あさ
TDR: ten + early + moon

For Margaret CHO, getting up at ten AM is very early in the morning. She swears that she can still see the moon
from the night before.
immediately, soon, directly
On: チョク、ジキ
Kun: ただ(ちに)、なお(す)
Most Used: ?
TDR: The fly + loser

Don’t heal the fly, he is a loser.

I wanted to feel jiggy so I ate some CHOCOLATE and now my blues are healed.
go through, avenue, traffic
On: ツウ、ツ、トウ
Kun: かよ(う)、とお(る)、とお(す)
Most Used: ツウ
TDR: movement + pass

TWO cars move and pass through a tunnel.
younger brother
On: テイ、ダイ
Kun: おとうと
Most Used: おとうと
TDR: horny funeral!!! + katakana no

my younger brother got horny at the funeral. (imagine that the extra line is him pitching a tent in his slacks,
while you smack him and say
“NO!” which should be easy to remember because the boner-line is the same as the katakana no ノ.) "TAKE your hands out your pants, someone just DIED!!”
shop, store
On: テン
Kun: みせ、たな
Most Used: みせ
TDR: cave + fortune teller

in this cave alone, the fortune teller has ten shops!!
dot, score, a point
On: テン
Kun: つ(ける)
Most Used: ?
TDR: fortune teller + fire

my fortune teller says that by staring into the flames, she can see any point in the future.
electricity, electric powered
On: デン、テン
Kun: いなずま
Most Used: デン
TDR: rain + dragon

electricity comes from lightning in the rain and also from the lightning breath of dragons.

i flip the switch and DEN the electric light goes on.
On: トウ
Kun: かたな
Most Used: かたな
TDR: Dude, last night some crazy ninja cold cut this dude's TOE off with a katana, for no reason! Seriously dude. He was just standing there.
On: トウ
Kun: ふゆ
Most Used: ふゆ
TDR: Each + two lines

Each winter, exactly two snowflakes fall on your TOES.
win, hit
On: トウ
Kun: あたり、あたる、あて、あてる
Most Used: ?
TDR: t.c.f.b.b.y.e.s.+ snout

the three baby birds hit the pig right on the snout.

my target is your TOE. the the weapon is this sputum.
On: トウ
Kun: ひがし、あずま
Most Used: ひがし
TDR: Tree + rice field.

rice fields and trees grow better back east.

go east on your tip-TOES.