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On: サン
Kun: かぞえる
Most Used: サン
TDR: bamboo + eye + hell

use a bambooruler and your vision and calculate how far it is from here to hell.

SANTA claus calculates how many presents to give each child.
On: シ
Kun: と(まる)、と(める)
Most Used: と(まる)

story: the bottom line is the ground, the right line is your toe (ト)and the left line is a piece of brick your big
sister threw to make you trip. SHE stopped you. She's always doing shit like that, and her friends laugh, and then Dad calls you a liar AND a snitch. God, you should just move out.
market, city
On: シ
Kun: いち
Most Used: シ
TDR: since SHE lives in a small city, she carries a dagger for protection.
On: シ
Kun: や
Most Used: ?
TDR: rifle + big

an arrow flies out of a big rifle.

SHE shoots an arrow at him.
big sister
On: シ
Kun: あね
Most Used: あね
TDR: woman + dagger

my sister has a dagger!!

SHE’s my older sister.
think (emotional)
On: シ
Kun: おも(い)、おも(う)
Most Used: おも(う)
TDR: rice field + heart

SHE's so into rice, when she thinks about a field, her heart starts racing.
On: シ
Kun: かみ
Most Used: かみ
TDR: string + mister

SHE wrote Mr. Speculum a letter on a piece of paper.
On: ジ、シ
Kun: てら
Most Used: ?
TDR: glue + earth.

story: the temple is glued to the earth to stop christian missionaries from dragging it to the river and baptizing it. 
onyomi story; SHE goes to meet JESUS at the temple. Um, ain't nobody there but Bhudda.
oneself, self
On: ジ、シ
Kun: おのずから、みずか(ら)
Most Used: ジ
TDR: dot (which we'll call a splinter) + eye

JESUS said, before you make fun of the splinter in my own eye, take check out the huge-ass log in your own eye.
Then he sort of muttered, "ass!"
On: ジ、シ
Kun: とき
Most Used: ?
TDR: temple (SAME ON) + sun

story: it's time to go to temple! AWW MOM, JUST A FEW MORE MINUTES?? 

SHE knows what time it is.
location, place
On: ジョウ
Kun: ば
Most Used: ば
TDR: earth + easy

it's easy for JOE Stalin to take over the earth, with his legions of fanatics.
chamber, room
On: シツ
Kun: むろ
Most Used: シツ
TDR: crown + until

you can't wear the crown until you get to the throne room.

get your SHIT out of my room! Jesus!
company, shrine, firm, office
On: シャ、ジャ
Kun: やしろ
Most Used: シャ
TDR: altar + earth

that company SHALL manufacture altars out of earth. (It's A Druid thing, you wouldn't understand)
weak, weakness
On: ジャク、ニャク
Kun: よわ(い)、よわ(る)、よわ(まる)、よわ(める)
Most Used: よわ(い)
TDR: Basically it is the same as wings (hane 羽) but mixed up with the kanji for bow 弓弓

I guess you could say that birds with weak wings get shot with the bow and arrow first.

Michael JAKUson is weak.
neck, head
On: シュ、シュウ
Kun: くび、こうべ、しるし
Most Used: くび
TDR: horny + terrorist + eye

a horny terrorist eyes your neck (FYI he is also a vampire. vampire terrorist)

your HAND (手) is around my neck, choking me.
fall, autumn
On: シュウ
Kun: あき、とき
Most Used: あき
TDR: wheat + burn

Story: Fall is the season when we burn the wheat crops.

It’s getting cold outside now, so make sure and wear SHOES outdoors.
On: シュウ
Kun: めぐる
Most Used: ?
TDR: Moving + circumference

Story: each week the earth moves around the circumference of the sun!!

That hippy hasn’t worn SHOES all week!!!
On: シュン
Kun: はる
Most Used: はる
TDR: 3 stooges + sun

3 stooges frolic and play on a spring sun.

gothic people SHUN spring, preferring the bitter coldness of winter
document, write, book
On: ショ
Kun: か(く)
Most Used: ?
TDR: brush + earth + sun

story: I could write with this brush all damn sun.

(new onyomi alert!!!! from now on, if you see a kanji with an onyomi of "sho", think about writing)
few, little
On: ショウ
Kun: すく(ない)、すこ(し)
Most Used: すく(ない)
TDR: sukoshi is the same guy, but he's smiling A SMALL
AMOUNT. he's a small amount of happy. because your dad sent him flowers.