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horse (horoscope), noon
On: ゴ
Kun: うま
Most Used: ゴ
TDR: (bamboo + the numeral one, crossing horizontally)

each noon, get ONE new bamboo pole! how lucky am i?? How many poles did YOU get at noon, Mister Smart Guy? That's
what i thought. Dick.

i got FIVE (五) minutes' breaktime at noon. what a horrible boss i have.
after, back, behind
On: ゴ、コウ
Kun: うし(ろ)、のち、あと、おく(れる)
Most Used: ゴ
TDR: go + immature + each

after you go grow up, you look at each immature thing you did and shake your head.

KOLIN powell goes behind a chest of drawers and masturbates FIVE (五) times.
word, language, speech, narration, to speak
On: ゴ
Kun: かた(らう)、かた(る)
Most Used: ゴ
TDR: say + five + mouth

learn how to say FIVE (五) languages from your mouth.
skills, construction, craft
On: コウ、ク
Kun: たくみ
Most Used: コウ
TDR: story: it looks like a cross-section of an iron girder. since this is the kanji for factory (工場) you can think of it like, a girder made at the iron factory.

the crafty drug mule smuggled COCAINE on the plane in her COLON.
state, public, government
On: コウ
Kun: おおやけ、きみ
Most Used: コウ
TDR: eight + moo-cow

there are eight moo-cows, voiding their COLONS in the public square.(no one dares to disturb them because it's
a Hindu town.)
huge, wide, broad, spacious
On: コウ
Kun: ひろ(い)、ひろ(まる)、ひろ(める)、ひろ(がる)、ひろ(げる)
Most Used: ひろ(い)
TDR: Cave + moo-cow

you mom's COLON is like a cave- so wide it can even accommodate a whole moocow.

ohhhh shiiii-- you just got served!! お前が終わったね!
mix, cross, traffic, intersect, exchange
On: コウ、カ(ウ)、カ(ワス)
Kun: まじ(わる)、まじ(える)、まじ(る)、ま(ざる)、ま(ぜる)
Most Used: コウ

beret + father

if you combine a beret and a dad, what do you get?

Ned Flanders' dad.
light (bright)
On: コウ
Kun: ひかり、ひか(る)
Most Used: ひかり
TDR: t.c.f.b.b.y.e.s. + pie

4 and 20 baby birds inside of a shining pie.

COCAINE is shiny white powder.
think, thought, consider
On: コウ
Kun: かんが(える)、かんがえ
Most Used: かんが(える)
TDR: dizzy + pirate hook

COLIN Powell thinks about pirate hooks until he gets dizzy I know this for a fact!!
On: コウ、ギョウ、アン
Kun: い(く)、ゆ(く)、おこな(う)
Most Used: う(く)
TDR: person + nail + SPEED LINES.

what are speed lines? "speed lines" is a comic strip term for the . . . .well, i'll just show you:

so, a person holding a nail is going somewhere, and they get speed lines because they are going fast. i assume to
a crucifixion.
high, tall, costly
On: コウ
Kun: たか(い)、たか、たか(まる)、たか(める)
Most Used: たか(い)
TDR: beret + mouth + goatee

a tall man wearing a beret, a mouth and a goatee.

he was so tall, my eyes were level with his COLON.
On: オウ、コウ
Kun: き、こ、き(いろ)
Most Used: コウ
TDR: hellbunny + freedom + legs

hellbunnies have the freedom to hop about on yellow legs.

OH shit, something YELLOW is coming out of my colon!
to be together, to fit
On: ゴウ、ガツ、カツ
Kun: あう
Most Used: あう
TDR: peaked roof + mouth

the peaked roof of the church suits Godzilla's mouth. mmmm delicious!!

you have a date tonight, so GO and find a suit that suits you.
On: コク
Kun: たに、きわまる
Most Used: コウ
TDR: eyebrows + peaked roof + mouth, but basically it looks so much like the face of Swamp Thing it is difficult for
me to think anything else.

YA gotta get out of the valley! Swamp thing lives there!
country, nation
On: コク
Kun: くに
Most Used: くに
TDR: ball + box

keep your cork balls inside your country by making walls around it.
On: コク
Kun: くろ、くろ(い)
Most Used: くろ
TDR: village + fire

after we burn the village, nothing remains but blackened ash.

finland is a black KOKU (国)for half the year.
now, present
On: コン、キン
Kun: いま
Most Used: いま
TDR: Peaked roof + katakana "Ra"

story: right now, rambo is under his peaked roof, arguing with pine cones (he loses.)
age, suffix, talent
On: サイ、ザイ
Kun: ざえ
Most Used: サイ
TDR: you SIGH when you realize you'll never have the skills to be a real MC.
slender, fine, minute
On: サイ、セイ
Kun: こま(か)、こま(かい)、ほそ(い)
Most Used: サイ
TDR: string + rice field

wrap the string once round the whole field and just contract it until the field gets narrow.

she SIGHS with frustration as her paycheck gets more and more narrow.
prepare, make, practice
On: サク、サ
Kun: つく(る)、つく(り)
Most Used: つく(る)
TDR: person + bambookey

the person makes a bamboo key to open up a locked SACK.