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On: ジ
Kun: みみ
Most Used: みみ
TDR: JESUS, your ears are pretty. PRETTY FULL OF WAX!

this one looks like eye (目) but with a bunch of lines sticking out from it. the ear is a sense organ like the
eye, and the lines sticking out are way too many piercings.
seven, seventh
On: シチ
Kun: なな、なな(つ)
Most Used: シチ
TDR: none
car, vehicle
On: シヤ
Kun: くるま
Most Used: くるま
TDR: ten + rice field + ten

although, in this case, I'll make an exception and teach you what my teacher taught me;

On: シュ
Kun: て
Most Used: て
TDR: NEW ONYOMI: from now on, when you see a new kanji whose onyomi is short-vowel "shu", please use "HAND" for the
ten, tenth
On: ジュウ
Kun: とお、と
Most Used: ジュウ
TDR: story: JEWS gave us the ten commandments, the foundation of Western morality.
go, leave, go out
On: シュツ
Kun: で(る)、だ(す)
Most Used: で(る)
TDR: (pit x 2) + line

pulling the line of string out of the pits. - hauling something up.

he pulls out his revolver and SHOOTS.
woman, women, female
On: ジョ、ニョ
Kun: おんな、め
Most Used: おんあ
TDR: story: Jo Mama's a woman. So's jo dad.
small, little
On: ショウ
Kun: ちい(さい)、こ、お
Most Used: ちい(さい)
TDR: chisai can be thought of as a dude with droopy sad eyes and a big nose. he's sad because he's so short. The ladies, they do not choose him so much.
correct, right, justice
On: セイ、ショウ
Kun: ただ(しい)、ただ(す)、まさ
Most Used: ただ(しい)
TDR: stop + the numeral one.

stop using ONE pair of underpants. Use a different pair each sun. I don't CARE if they are "Lucky."

don't just say that you'll act appropriate, you gotta SHOW me.
life, live, birth
On: セイ、ショウ
Kun: い(きる)、は(やす)、は(える)、い(かす)、い(ける)、う(まれる)、う(む)、き、なま
Most Used: セイ、い(きる)
TDR: master + rifle

story: the master gave you life, and the master can take your life away with the rifle

if you can say something, you must still be alive.
blue, green (sometimes)
On: セイ、ショウ
Kun: あお(い)
Most Used: あお(い)
TDR: master + month

Story: the master watches a blue movie every month.

say you’ll SHOW me a blue movie!! I want to see the erections!!

STRONG RADICAL- for BOTH sei and sho.
On: セキ、シャク
Kun: あか
Most Used: あか
TDR: earth + 4 legs

the red lizard with 4 legs skitters across the red earth.

her red lipstick was SEXY.
On: セキ
Kun: ゆう
Most Used: ゆう
TDR: it is the katakana "ta" character

story: when the japanese come home in the evening after work they say TA-daima!
On: セキ、コク、シャク
Kun: いし
Most Used: ?
TDR: terrorist + mouth.  

story: A Palestinian terrorist with a SEXY mouth, holding a rock, ready to throw it at an advancing Israeli tank.
On: セン
Kun: ち
Most Used: セン
TDR: ten + tilty line

story: the kind of warped, tilting top is the only difference. therefore, you can say, if you hang wet drippy drawers on a phone pole A THOUSAND TIMES, it will get A LITTLE WARPED. from the water.

on story: SEND me a thousand yen.
previous, ahead, advanced
On: セン
Kun: さき
Most Used: さき
TDR: hurl + pi

we SENT him to hurl the pie earlier.
quick, early, fast
On: ソウ、サッ
Kun: はや(い)、はや(まる)、はや(める)
Most Used: はや(い)
TDR: sun + ten

you have to get up SO early tomorrow, ten minutes before sunrise.
foot, feet, leg, sufficient, enough
On: ソク
Kun: あし、た(す)、た(りる)、た(る)
Most Used: あし
TDR: STRONG RADICAL ALERT: most of the kanjis of which "ashi"is a component will have the onyomi of soku"!!

mouth + stop

story: a mouth yelling "stop rigt now and put a damn SOCK on your foot!!! You'll catch cold running around like
that!! Do you know what kind of germs are on the ground?? do you know what kind of people have been here????!"
On: ソン
Kun: むら
Most Used: むら
TDR: tree + glue

In our sleeply little forest hick town, Our SON feels as if he has been glued to a tree. once he hits 18, he's
out of here so fast.

All showing up in NYC with a suitcase held together rope, all hooked on crack the next week.
large, big, great
On: ダイ、タイ
Kun: おお(いに)、おお(きい)
Most Used: おお(きい)
TDR: think of a big dude, legs apart, arms apart, waiting to hug you WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

a big hippy wearing a big TIE DIED tshirt.