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On: ハイ、バイ
Kun: かい
Most Used: かい
TDR: JERK KANJI ALERT - by itself it means shellfish, but when combined with another kanji to form a compound word, it means "money". they say
that shellfish used to be kind of like "wampum" before gold was discovered (i.e. used instead of coins). anyway,
that's why you have to learn this one.
On: サ
Kun: すな
Most Used: サ
TDR: rock + a little

i think you can figure out the meaning yourself, here.

i went to the beach and SAW sand, and i SHALL see sand next time, too!
On: ハ
Kun: なみ
Most Used: ?
TDR: none
study, learning, science
On: ガク
Kun: まな(ぶ)
Most Used: ガク
TDR: mohawk + child

the mohican child really enjoyed studying science.

scientifically speaking, your Tang GOT COOL, because the molecules lost energy.
vacation, absent, rest
On: キュウ
Kun: やす(み), やす(まる), やす(める)
Most Used: やす(み)
TDR: person + tree

the CUTE person rests against a tree.
money, gold
On: キン, コン
Kun: かね, かな
Most Used: キン (gold), かね (money)
TDR: peaked roof + king + horny

the horny king hoards his gold in a treasury with a peaked roof.

he won the lottery, moved out the trailer park, but he still won't share any gold with his KINfolk.
sky, air, empty
On: クウ
Kun: そら, から, あ(く), あ(ける)
Most Used: そら
TDR: hole + craft

story: the bomb blew a hole in the side of the aircraft carrier

i like the COOL air at night.
On: コウ
Kun: にじ
Most Used: にじ
TDR: none
moon, month
On: ゲツ(九ヵ月=9 months), ガツ(1月=January)
Kun: つき (moon)
Most Used: ゲツ
TDR: JERK RADICAL ALERT: by iself, it means month or moon, but usually as a radical it has an entirely different
meaning: ”organ of the body."

臓,肝、肺、胃、腸 胸 脳 and so on and so on.
On: ケン
Kun: いぬ
Most Used: いぬ
TDR: big + dot

story: KEN lay's big dog, mouth open, chewing on a piece of meat. (The meat from one of his ex-workers who starved to death following the theft of her entire pension plan).
spirit, mind, energy, intention, power
On: キ、ケ
Most Used: キ
TDR: ki but also ge. people forget about "ge."

Rifle + open scissors + May

In May, i'm in a mood to fire a rifle at some scissors.

GET in a good mood and KEEP being in a good mood.
look, watch, see, show
On: ケン
Kun: み(る)、み(える)、み(せる)
Most Used: み(る)
TDR: eye + human legs

KEN lay is looking at your human legs again, dude. he has been in prison too long.
On: ゴ
Kun: いつ、いつ(つ)
Most Used: ゴ
TDR: king + extra line

the easiest way to think about this is that it is a five stroke kanji

normally i don'T see the point of talking about stroke order, but in this case you can imagine some dude all
muttering 1,2,3,4,5 to himself as he draws this.
mouth, opening
On: コウ、ク
Kun : くち
Most Used: くち
TDR: JERK RADICAL ALERT- although the kanji means mouth the radical sometimes means "box". Irritating but not totally a hassle when you consider that it looks more like a box than a mouth, anyway.
On: コウ
Most Used: コウ
TDR: tree + combine (same ON)

our schoolhouse is built out of trees combined together.

all the jocks at my school were total COLONS.
three, third
On: サン
Kun: み、み(つ)、みっ(つ)
Most Used: サン
TDR: SANTA claus has three wives.
child, children, young, kid
On: シ、ス
Kun: こ
Most Used: こ
TDR: COMPLETE + one line, which we'll think of as a shiv for now.

a child has been COMPLETELY STABBED. JESUS Christ, did i just think that??

SHE's still a child.
four, fourth
On: シ
Kun: よ、よ(つ)よっ(つ)、よん
Most Used: よん
TDR: legs + mouth

SHE can fit four legs in her mouth at the same time. (FYI she is not kinky, she is a female Carcharodon carcharias)
On: シ
Kun: いと
Most Used: シ
TDR: SHE ties an immature, small child up with string.

SWELL RADICAL - most of the kanji that use this, have to do with connections between things. as if a string was
binding them.
letter, character, mark
On: ジ
Kun: あざ
Most Used: ジ
TDR: DON'T pollute the earth.