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Why did the French want control over the Ohio Valley?
It was an important link between Canada and Louisiana.
What is a formal meeting of representatives called?
a congress
Why didn't the English colonies support the Albany Plan?
The colonies were not willing to work together for a common goal.
What happened after the signing of the Treaty of Paris?
The British received most of what is now Canada from France, they acquired Florida form Spain, but Spain kept most of the land west of the Mississippi River
What was the cause of Pontiac's Rebellion?
The loss of Indian hunting lands to settler
What was it called when the colonists refused to buy British goods?
a boycott
Why were the colonists angered by the tax laws the British Parliament passed?
They believed they should have a voice in deciding such laws.
How did the colonists respond to the East India Company?
by not allowing ships carrying tea into their ports, tea boycotts, and the Boston Tea Party
Name three examples of an Intolerable Act.
Preventing the Massachusetts legislature from making laws, banning town meetings not authorized by the governor, and the forcing of colonists to quarter British soldiers
What did the First Continental Congress do?
They sent a petition to Parliament stating their rights as British citizens.
John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere are all leaders of what group?
The Sons of Liberty
Why were the battles of Lexington and Concord important?
They marked the beginning of the war with Britain.
What was the first colonial army called?
The Continental Army
Who was named the first commander-in-chief of the Continental Army?
George Washington
What did the British learn at the Battle of Bunker Hill?
The colonies would be difficult to defeat.
What is Phillis Wheatley known for?
Being a poet
Where did the King hire mercenaries from?
Name the effect this cause has.
The French and Indian War takes place.
The British taxed the colonists.
Name the effect this cause has.
Colonists are angry.
The Boston Tea Party takes place.
Name the effect this cause has.
The British Parliament passes the Intolerable Acts.
The First Continental Congress is held.
Name the effect this cause has.
The Minutemen and the British fight at Lexington and Concord.
King George III issues a proclamation of rebellion.
Delegates at the Second Continental Congress were divided in their views. Explain how the Congress made efforts both to make peace and prepare for war. Name at least three specific efforts.
Efforts for peace: Olive Branch Petition to avoid more fighting
Efforts for war: Formed Continental Army, Washington named Commander-in-chief, created a navy, asked for donations from the colonies to pay for war, printed their own paper money to pay soldiers,