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The Dutch Colony in North America was called ___________.
New Netherlands
The first group of Jews in North America settled in ____________.
New Amsterdam
The English wanted control of the Dutch colony because ____________.
The English colonies wanted to expand in the direction of the Dutch colonies.
When English warships sailed into the harbor of New Amsterdam, the Dutch settlers _______________.
Did not fight back
The Society of Friends, or Quakers, believed that people were ______________.
People were basically good and violence is wrong
The name Pennsylvania means_______.
Penn’s woods
William Penn founded Pennsylvania and Philadelphia with the belief the people should have _________________.
Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and trial by jury
The right of people accused of breaking the law to be tried by a group of fellow citizens is called __________.
Trial by jury
An immigrant is __________.
A person who comes to a country to make a new home there
Describe the contributions that the German immigrants introduced.
The Conestoga wagon, the Pennsylvania rifle, barn-raising
Benjamin Franklin did many things for Philadelphia such as ______.
Fire station, library, hospital, paved streets, and lights
Each year, Benjamin Franklin published a book with a calendar, weather forecasts, and wise sayings called _____.
Poor Richard’s Almanac
The foothills between the lowlands along the Atlantic coast and the Appalachian Mountains were called _________________.
The Piedmont
Many settlers traveled on the _______ to reach the back country.
The Great Wagon Road
Settlers in the backcountry planted in the Indian way by ____________.
Planting corn, beans, and squash in the same mound
What contributions did Benjamin Franklin make as a citizen and an inventor? List at least three specific examples.
- organized a firefighting company
- helped get streets paved and lit
- raised money for the first hospital
- organized a volunteer army
- proved lightning is electricity
- helped establish the first colonial library
- made Philadelphia a major printing center
- published Poor Richard’s Almanac