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Name four prominent characters during the first presidential election, and discuss why they DID NOT win.
1. John Adams-not at constitutional convention (despite being at the 1st Declaration signing and a prominent lawyer)
2. Rudolph- only 34, too young
3. Franklin- too old
4. Jefferson-not at Const. Convention
Who was the first president? First vice president?
John Adams
Name two reasons why the first president won the election.
war hero and wealthy
Who were five war heroes who would later become presidents?
1. Jackson
2. Washington
3. Eisenhower
4. Grant
5. Roosevelt
A __________ is a custom that acts like a law.
The ___________ are the closest advisers to the president.
Today how many cabinet members are there?
Name the first five cabinet member positions (NOT PEOPLE).
1. sec of state-foreign affairs
2. sec of traasury-established National Bank
3. sec of war(defense)
4. attorney general-legal expert
5. sec of navy- (joint chief of staff)
Who was the first sec of treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
Which party supported a strong federal government?
Which party supported a strong state government?
Jeffersonian republicans
Who decides taxes?
An __________ is a tax on goods manufactured in country.
A ____________ is a tax on imports.
Who were the opponents in the election of 1800? Who won?
John Adams and T. Jefferson
When was the election of 1800 held?
When was the inauguration of 1800?
What is the period between one president's election and them taking over the presidency called?
lame duck period
Which person appointed judges in the 1800s during a lame duck period? What were these judges called?
John Adams
midnight judges
In the case Marbury vs. Madison, what was the lawsuit about?
J Adams was trying to appoint federalist judges to a Jeffersonian republic president and secretary of state.
__________ the supreme court judge in Marbury vs Madison rules in favor of _________.
John Marshall
What does Marbury vs Madison establish? What does it rule unconstitutional?
judicial review
Judiciary Act of 1801
When Thomas Jefferson is president he buys __________ for $8 million dollars. He hired ________ and ________ to explore this new land.
Lewis and Clark
When was the Jeffersonian republic?
_______ means to force someone into military service.
England captured our ships when we traded with French. They took three things from us including:
1. ships
2. money
3. sailors
The _____________ allowed no trade with England or France.
Embargo Act of 1807
Who declared war on the US during Jefferson's era? What war was this?
War of 1812
The start of the war was when Britain captured and burnt _________.
Washington DC
The __________ ends the war.
Treaty of Ghent
In the battle of __________, Andrew Jackson and his men defend this southern town before word reached them that the war was over.
New Orleans
When was the FL purchase?
Who bought FL for the USA?
JQ Adams
What was the treaty of the FL purchase?
Adams-Onis Treaty
The _____________ was the US's ownership of the Oregon Trail from British.
Oregon Territory
The ____________ said that no European country could establish a colony in the Western Hemisphere.
Monroe Doctrine
The __________ of 1820 basically was about the refiguration of the number of representatives.
Missouri Compromise
The Missouri Compromise established three things:
1. Missouri as slave/free
2. establishes the 36th parallel as the division between slave and free states (Mason/Dixon)
3. Maine as a free state
The election of _____ established the system of today.
Who were the four candidates of 1824 election?
In the election of 1824, no one wins the majority, which would require _____% plus ___ vote.
Who decided the election of 1824? Who were the two they decided between? Who did they pick?
Adams and Jackson
The election of 1824 established the __________.
Andrew Jackson became president in _________, a time of great population/economic boom.
During the ___________, many inventions, including the water powered wheel surfaced.
Industrial Revolution
In 1793, _________ invented the cotton gin. A slave could gin 1 lb of cotton a day, a gin could gin ____ lbs.
Eli Whitney
Another invention of Eli Whitney was _____________.
interchangeable parts
The ___________ was when all Native American had to walk to their reservations primarily in ___________.
Trail of Tears
What did the government originally offer the Native Americans to leave their land?
In reality, however the Native Americans received far less money a total of __________.
free govt land and $9 million dollars
$3 million dollars
The ____________ is the practice of giving friends, family, etc. jobs because you "owe them" even though they aren't qualified.
spoils system
The ___________ raised the tax on imports.
Tariff Act of 1828
The ______ was focused on exporting and the ________ was focused on importing.
In the Tariff Act of 1828, the state that fought the most was _________.
South Carolina
_______ means to ignore; not enforce.
Who led the first English speaking people into TX?
Stephen Austin
Who led the TX rebellion on behalf of the US?
Sam Houston
Who led the TX rebellion against the US?
Santa Anna
What was the famous battle during the TX rebellion?
Battle of the Alamo
Who were the two famous people stuck in the Alamo at the Battle of the Alamo?
After the battle of Alamo, TX was referred to as the ____________.
Republic of TX
The 1st president of the Republic of TX was _________.
Who was Jefferson's vice president, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a dual?
Aaron Burr
Who was Jefferson's secretary of state?
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key
When was the FL purchase?
The case Mulloch vs Maryland, the idea that the ________________ was established.
state can't fine fed govt
The ________ of a president is his term of office.