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mother of Persephone, "guardian" of Demophoon. Stayed with Meteneira while on Earth. Tried to make Demophoon immortal, but when Metaneira walked in on her dipping Demophoon into the fire, she stopped and said they had to build a huge temple for her to assuage her anger.
Daughter of Demeter, was captured by Hades while smelling a narcissus flower. Was taken to the Underworld where she ate a pomegranate seed, so now she has to spend four months out of the year with him.
Captured Persephone and takes her to the Underworld. Zeus makes him give her back to Demeter because winter is continuous. Makes Persephone eat a pomegranate seed, ensuring that she will have to come to her husband four months out of the year.
His chariot took Persephone to the surface to be with Demeter?
the city at which they worhsipped Demeter.
husband of Metaneira.
goddess of rainbow, messenger of the gods.
Eleusinian Mysteries
worship of Demeter and Dionysus, the two gods of earth.
Demophoon's mother, lets "Doso" stay in her house, wife of Celeus. Jumps in on Doso while she is dipping Demophoon into the fire.
son of Metaneira. Doso wants to make him immortal, so she does all this stuff to him, including dipping him in the fire. she is interrupted, so he won't be immortal, but blessed because he laid on her lap etc.
God of the vine. Showed the two sides of alcoholism -jolliness and also drunken rage. people made lots of plays in his honor.
country of which Pentheus, Dionysus's uncle, is king. his mother's city.
Dionysus's mother. He brought her back from the Underworld. she and Zeus bore Dionysus.
Zeus (Two Gods of Earth)
Was father of Dionysus. He saved D from Semele when she died from seeing Zeus in his full power.
place where the Nymphs of Nysa lived. the loveliest of Earth's valleys. no man has ever looked upon it or even knows where it is.
try to tie him up to get ransom. Dionysus turns them into dolphins except for the helmsman, who believed that he was a god.