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decision by a juvenile court that the juvenile committed the delinquent act
adjudication hearing
a hearing to determine whether there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to support a reasonable doubt to support the allegations against the juvenile
supervision of a juvenile after release from an institution
decision by a juvenile court judge to send the adjudicated juvenile to an institution
delinquent act
a behavior committed by a juvenile that would have been a crime if committed by an adult
a juvenile who has been adjudicated of a delinquent act in juvenile court
short-term secure confinement of a juvenile for the protection of the juvenile or for the protection of society
detention center
a facility designed for short-term secure confinement of a juvenile prior to court disposition or execution of court order
the sanction imposed on a juvenile who has been adjudicated in juvenile court
disposition hearing
a hearing held after a juvenile has been adjudicated to determine what sanction should be imposed on the juvenile
a facility designed for long-term secure confinement of a juvenile after adjudication (also referred to as training school)
a document that states the allegations against a juvenile and requests a juvenile court to adjudicate the juvenile
taken into custody
the action on the part of a police officer to obtain custody of a juvenile accused of committing a delinquent act