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Confundo, confundere, confundi, confusus
to dismay
Sedes, sedis
(f.) seat, home, residence
Figo, figere, fixi, fixus
to fasten, fix; to transfix; to establish
Destino, destinare, destinavi, destinatus
to be determined, to intend
Litus, litoris
(nt.) shore, strand, coast, beach
Secussus, -us
(m.) secluded place; refuge; withdrawal, seculsion
Deterius, Deterimme
(adv.) worse, less; unfavorably
Horreo, horrere, horrui, --
to dread, to shudder at; to have a rough appearance
Lapsus, -us
(m.) collapse
Tectum, -i
(nt.) roof
Adsiduus, -a, -um
constant; ordinary
Saevus, -a, -um
fierce, savage, cruel, harsh
Mensis, -is
(m.) month
Compono, -ere, composui, compositus
to arrange, compile; to organize, order, settle
Subsisto, subsistere, substiti, --
to halt, to stand still; to cause to stop
Arcus, -us
(m.) arch
Madidus, -a, -um
wet, dripping (also, drunk)
Vallis, -is
(f.) valley
Spelunca, -ae
(f.) cave, grotto
Verus, -a, -um
true, real, genuine, actual
Praesens, praesentis
present, at hand; palpable
Numen, numinis
(nt.) divine will; god
Viridis, -is, -e
green, blooming
Margo, marginis
(f.) edge, margin, rim, border
Cludo, cludere, clusi, clusus
to close, shut; enclose, confine
Herba, -ae
(f.) grass, herb
Ingenuus, -a, -um
natural, indigenous
Violo, -are, violavi, violatus
to violate, dishonor; to outrage
Marmor, marmoris
(nt.) marble, block of marble
Tofus, -i
(m.) tufa (a plant)
Constituo, -ere, constitui, constitutus
to set up, to set in position; to establish (here, to date, to court; to meet)
Nemus, nemoris
(nt.) wood, forest
Delubrum, -i : (nt.)
shrine, temple, sanctuary
Loco, locare, locavi, locatus
to station, arrange; to contract for
Cophinus, -i
(m.) basket, hamper
Fenum, -i
(nt.) hay
Supellex, supellectilis
(f.) furniture
Merces, mercedis
(f.) reward, hire, recompense; rent, price
Pendo, pendere, pependi, pensus
to pay
Eicio, eicere, eieci, eiectus
to eject, expel
Mendico, mendicare, mendicavi, mendicatus
to beg for
Emolumentum, -i
(nt.) advantage, benefit
Here / Heri
(adv.) yesterday
Detero, deterere, detrivi, detritus
to grind down; to wear down; to chafe; to detract from
Exiguus, -a, -um
small; dreary; scanty, petty
Propono, -ere, proposui, propositus
to display; to propose
Fatigatus, -a, -um
Ala, -ae
(f.) upper arm; flank; wing
Exuo, exuere, exui, exutus
to pull off; to undress; to deprive of; to cast off
Canities, canitiei
(f.) white/gray hear; grayness of hair; old age
Supersum, superesse, superfui, --
to be left over; to survive; to be superfluous
Torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortus
to spin, to whirl; to torture
Dextra, -ae
(f.) right hand
Subeo, subire, subivi, subitus
to go under; to be placed under/in support
Bacillus, -i
(m.) walking stick
Cado, cadere, cessi, cessus
to withdraw
Verto, -ere, verti, versus
to turn; to turn into, alter
Aedis, aedis
(f.) shrine, temple; abode, home
Conduco, -ere, conduxi, conductus
to contract for; to farm the taxes
Portus, -us
(m.) port, harbor; refuge, haven