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guideline for how similar cases should be decided in the future
something given for a loss
due process
insuress goverment treats people fairly
double jeopardy
you can not be put on trial twice for the same crime
probable cause
you can search if you have good enough evidence
written statement charging you with an offense
1st amendment
freedom of SPARP
1st amendment court case
Steven Lengel VS William J. Vitale
prayer in public schools
2nd amendment
right to bear arms
no court case
4th amendment
protection from search and seizure
4th Amendment court case
New Jersey Vs. T.L.O

search of backpacks and lockers
5th Amendment
guarentees to not be deprieved of life liberty and property without due process
6th Amendment
trial by jury in a criminal case
5th and 6th Amendment court case
miranda vs arizona

have to read your miranda rights
8th Amendment and court case
Prohibits excessive bail fines

mcveigh vs oklahoma city
death penalty