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Who is drawn to Jung's theories and analysis techniques?
Variety of people but many psychics/witches are drawn to his teaching.
What are some common themes of Jung's life?
Spirituality, mother, authority, and the occult
According to Jung, what are the three parts that make up the structure of personality?
1) Consciousness
2) Collective unconscious
3) Personal unconscious
In dealing with Consciousness, when are problems likely to arise?
Problems arise when there's a difference between how you see yourself and how the world sees you.
What is an archetype?
A universal mental structure/organizing principle that shapes human mental reality. Ideas that are shared by people
What are some examples of archetypes?
Personal Shadow
Where can archetypes be found?
Myths, fables, religion, etc.
As an archetype, what is the definition of the "Self?"
The gatekeeper between the unconscious self and the outer world. Ego is main fragment.
As an archetyoe, what is the definition of the "personal shadow?"
Things we hide
May appear in dreams
As an archetyoe, what is the definition of the "anima?"
feminine, yielding, concrete, intuitive
As an archetyoe, what is the definition of the "animus?"
driving, aggressive, disciplined, masculine
What are additional examples of archetypes?
Divine child
Wise old man/woman
Where are archetypes expressed in today's modern culture?
Ex: Star Wars and the Matrix
What is the personal unconscious?
Memories, impulses, and wishes that we've repressed in our life.
What are arcetypal images?
Expressions of archetypes in our unconscious.
What are complexes?
Something you can't let go of, collection of repressed experiences, memories, life-controlling thought pattern (issues)