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granulovacuolar degeneration and hirano bodies
intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies in hippocampal pyramidal neurons in alzheimer's patients
lafora bodies
neurons glia sweat glands liver skeletal muscels with lafora dz
marinesco bodeis
dopaminergic neurons of SN - intranuclear and not associated with parkinsons
calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate
pseudogout, weakly positive
calcium oxalate
oxalosis and bipyramidal, positively birefringent
calcium phosphate
apatite-associated arthropathy and produces spherical clumps nonbirefringment
rheumatic disease hypersensitivity type
type II hypersensitivity
amino acids involved in ammonia transport in blood
alanine and glutamate
nikolsky's sign
separation of the epidermis upon manual stroking with pemphigus vulgaris
rupture of AV malformation in brain
subarachnoid hemorrhage
deep perineal space
middle layer of the urogenital diaphragm, two skeltal muscles, sphincter urethrae and deep transverse perineal, and the cowper gland, membranous urethra passes through the urogenital diaphragm
superficial perineal space
bulbospongiosus (skeletal muslce that covers the bulb of the penis), crus of penis (erectile body that is continuous with the corpus cavernosum of penis), ischiocavernosus (covers the crus of the penis)
C3 nephritic factor
IgG autoantibody that binds C3 convertase making it resistant to inactivation, presistently low serum complement levels and associated with type II membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
cervical plexus
longus colli and capitis muscles
breast feeding with HIV
should not occur because it can transmit the disease
ischemic necrosis of brain
sterile liquefactive necrosis
porto-caval shunt
splenic vein to left renal vein (splenic vein drains into portal vein and renal into IVC)
Sup mesenteric vein drainage
into the portal vein
components of microvilli
actin, myosin
hemidesmosome associated (cell to cell connection)
movement of cilia and flagella
wiskott aldridge genetics
x linked
cytokine in development of anaphylaxis
IL4 - makes IgE
hyaluronidase organism
strep a
catalase positive organisms
"SPACE cat": staph, pseudomonas, aspergillus, candida, enterobacteriaceae
malignant melanoma genetics
p16 tumor suppressor gene loss
excessive fluoride
direct injury to ameloblasts leading to inadequate production of tooth enamel
multikinase inhibitor for renal cell carcinoma with hypertension rash diarrhea fatigue and shouldnt be taken with doxorubicin
jigsaw pussle appearance of bone lamellae
pathognomonic for paget's dz
congenital skeletal probs with syphilis
saddle nose and shaber shin
ankylosing spondyltis findings
begins in sacroiliac crests then moves up into spine causing destruction of the posterior vertebral bodies, fusion, decreased range of motion, atrophy osteoporosis, look at spinal x ray for diagnosis, rheumatoid factor generally negative, HLA-B27 positive (As are all spondyloarthropathies)
severe magnesium deficiency
associated with alcoholism, acute decrease in Mg causes increase in PTH, prolonged decrease in Mg causes decrease in PTH, admin of Mg results in prompt rise in PTH and restoration of normal serum Ca levels, absence of Mg decreases function of PTH leading to "functional" hypoparathyroidism
hypoparathyroidism and bone density
decreased bone density
cuboidal epithelium
kidney peritoneal lining pleural lining
lacunar cells
specifically suggest the nodular sclerosing variant of hodgkins disease
some AD diseases
NF, ehlers danlos, huntingtons, osteogenesis imperfecta
vagina in women of childbearing age
lactobacillus, candida, strep
vagina of children
staphylococcus epidermidis
urease producing bacteria
"N CUP" : Nocardia, cryptococcus, Ureaplasma, Proteus
h pylori
SO dismutase (As does bacillus anthracis), catalase (as staph aureus), flagella (as with E coli), mucinase (as with v cholera)
aspirin and EtOH in ulcers
more linked to gastric than duodenal
cystic medial degeneration
fragmentation of elastic laminae with accumulation of myxoid materiloa in aortic media
Muscles in legs
flexor digitorum longus
from posterior middle of tibia, four tendons on sole of foot that insert on distal phalanges act to flex toes and foot and invert foot at ankle
peroneus tertius
originates at distal 1/3 of anterior fibula - extend foot at ankle joint and evert foot
peroneus brevis
originates at distal 2/3 of lateral fibula, plantar flex and evert foot
peroneus longus
originates at head and proximal 2/3 of lateral fibula, plantar flex and evert foot
extensor hallucis longus
originates at middle 1/2 of anteror fibula, extend great toe and extend foot at ankle