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Which character can be characterized as stoic?
What is Cassius's major flaw in the play?
He is overly emotional.
What is Brutus's tragic flaw?
He is too honorable and this makes him naive. He thinks that no one has ever deceived him.
Who is the last person to speak in the play and thus the next ruler of Rome?
Octavius Caesar
What are the three characteristics a character must have to be a tragic hero?
*Of higher than normal status
*Neither totally good nor totally evil
*Experiences a downfall because of a mistake that can never be fixed
According to Marc Antony, why was Brutus better than all of the other conspirators?
He was the only one who killed Caesar with a noble reason/without envy.
Who holds the sword while Brutus runs on it to kill himself?
Whom does Cassius ask to stab him while he covers his face?
What benefit does Cassius's death have on Pindarus?
He is made free because he was a slave.
What phrase, uttered by Titinius, besically sums up the theme of the whole play?
"Alas, thou hast misconstrued everything!"
Who are the members of the second triumvirate?
Antony, Octavius, Lepidus
How does Portia kill herself?
She swallows hot coals.
When the ghost of Caesar visits Brutus after everyone else is asleep, what does it tell him?
"I will meet thee again at Philippi."
What is Cassius's primary reason for wanting to assassinate Julius Caesar?
What is Brutus's internal conflict in this play?
He loves Caesar the man but fears Caesar the ruler.
What does Portia do to show her husband that she can keep a secret?
Stabs herself in the thigh.
Who has a better marriage, Brutus and Portia or Caesar and Calpurnia?
Brutus and Portia
What action by the conspirators after Caesar's death mirrors Calpurnia's dream?
They bathe their hands up to the elbows in Caesar's blood.
In Shakespearean plays, what does a terrible storm always foreshadow?
Something bad is going to happen in the government.
In a tragedy, what is another name for the RESOLUTION of the play?
Name the five parts of the plot structure diagram in order.
In a Shakespearean play, the climax of the play always occurs during which act?
What is the climax of this play?
The killing of Caesar?
Why doesn't the play end with the killing of Caesar?
The killing of Caesar is the climax of the play, not the resolution. Caesar isn't the tragic hero; Brutus is.
What is the major role of Trebonius in this play?
He lures Antony offstage during the killing of Caesar.
What is the major role of Decius in this play?
He reinterprets Calpurnia's dream to make it seem positive and flatters Caesar into going to the Capitol on the day of his assassination.
What is the major role of Lucilius in this play?
He pretends to be Brutus at the end of the play so that Brutus has more time to escape.
What is the major role of Metellus Cimber in this play?
He petitions Caesar for the return of his brother to Rome, giving the conspirators a reason to surround Caesar at the Capitol.
Addressing the absent as if present, the dead as if alive, the inanimate as if animate.
Saying one thing and meaning another -- similar to sarcasm.
What mistakes does Brutus make when allowing Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral?
He allows him to speak last. He allows Antony control of the body. He leaves after he is done speaking.
Whose funeral speech is more effective, Brutus's or Antony's?
Why does Shakespeare have Brutus speak in prose when giving his funeral speech?
He wants to show that Brutus is being completely honest in his feelings and isn't trying to hide behind flowery phrases.
When Antony says: "And Brutus is an honorable man!" what literary technique is he using?
Verbal irony
When Antony says: "O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low?" what literary technique is he using?
Why do the plebians kill Cinna the poet?
They have been whipped up into a mob mentality and want to murder someone even if it isn't the right person.
The commoners or plebians are portrayed as FICKLE. What does this mean?
They change their minds all the time. They go along with whoever is in charge.