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What is impeachment?
To charge a government official with serious misconduct. The worst thing that may heppen is to be removed from office.
The President, VP, and all civil officers can be removed from office on impeachment or for _______, ________, snd _______, and _______.
Bribery....Treason...any other high crime...Misdemeanor
What is the purpose of the 13th amendment?
Aboilish slaver (1865)
What is the purpose of the 14th amendment?
Citizenship to all (1868)
What is the purpose of the 15th amendment?
African Americans to vote
What is the purpose of the 19th amendment?
Women to vote
What is the purpose of the 16th amendment?
Must be 18-years-old to vote
What is the purpose of the Judicial Branch?
To interpret the laws. (The judicial branch declares laws from the Executive Branch and Legislative branchs constitutional or unconstitutional- checks and balances)
What is the purpose of the Judiciary Act of 1789?
To establish lower courts such as district courts and other federal courts. (the judiciary act of 1789 established the Supreme Court the highest court of the federal judiciary, adnd two levels of federal courts underneath it-the trial courts and appellate courts. The judiciay Act also established the federal court system, the federal district courts, and the office of the attorney general)
What is the name of the highest cour in the land?
The Supreme Court (Decisions made by the Supreme Court are final. No appeals can be made. The Supreme Court can decide not to hear a case. If that happens, then the decision made by a lower court would stand.)
How long is the term of office for the Supreme Court Judge?
Life- it ends whtn they resign, become ill, or anything else of that nature. (The President is responsible for selecting justices: however, checks and balances require the senate to confirm the appointment. Justices can be removed only through trsignatioin or impeachment. There are nine memners in the supreme court. It is an odd number so that there can never be a tie. The Chief Justice presides over the other right members. He does votte. he delivers the oath of office for President bush's inauguration.
What kinda of cases are decided in federal courts?
•Cases affecting Ambassadors
•Cases with controversies between states
•Betweem citizens from different states
•and between citizens from the same state fighting over land. (Cases the require and interpretation of the constitution, cases involving the United States, a state, or its sitizens are cases that must be decided in Federal Courts.)
What is the minimum number of witnesses that must come forawrd to convict the person of treason?
2 witnesses
The constitution gives a very specific definition for the crime of treason, what is that?
Whan someone betrayle the US by- helping an enemy, sueing the US- etc
What is "corruption of blood"?
Punishing the family of the person who has committed the treason. This is forbidden by the constitution