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Judicial REview
The authority of the courts to declare laws or actions of government officials unconstitutional
Habeas corpus
Latin for "have ye the body" A writ of habeas corpus is a means for criminal defendants who have exhuasted appeals in state courts to appeal to a federal district.
Civil case
A case in which individuals sue others for denying their rights and causing them harm.
Burger Court
The US supreme court under chief justice Warren Burger. Though not as activist as teh Warren court, the Burger court by maintained most of the rights expanded by its predecessor and issued important rulings on abortion and sexual discrimination.
District courts
The trial courts(lower-level courts) in federal system.
Constituency service
Answering questions and doing personal favors for constituents who write or call for help.
The authority of a court to hear and decide cases.
A method of stopping a FILLBUSTER by limiting debate to only 20 more hours; requires a vote of three-fifths of the members of Senate.
Budget legislation that specifies the amount of authorized funds that wull actually be allocated for agencies and departments to spend.
Judicial activism
More pragmatic, philosophy where judges interpret existing laws and precedents loosely and interject their own values in cours decisions.
Judicial Restraint
Philospohy where rulings adhere closely to law and precedent.
EVery 10 years the 435 seats in the house are distributed among the states based on population changes.
Warren court
The US supreme court under chief justice EArl Warren. An activist cours that expanded the rights of criminal defendants and racial and religious minorities.
PResidential immunity
Immunity of the president from lawsuits for acts that occur during his term in office and are related to his official responsibilities.
Criminal Cases
A case in which government(national or state) prosecutes a person for violating it's laws.
Marbury Vs. Madison
Brought judicial review to the courts. Is a perfect example of it.
Rehnquist Court
The US supreme court under Chief justice William Rehnquist. A conservatice court, but still has not overturned most previous rulings.
Speaker of the house
The leader and presiding officer of the house of reps, chosen by the majority party.
A mechanism for delay of the senate in which one or more members engage in a continous speech to prevent the seante from taking action.
Courts of Appeals
Intermediate courts between trial courts (district courts in the federal system) and the supreme court(the US supreme court in the federal system)
Pork Barrel
Funding for projects, buildings and other public works in congress. members tend to support such projects because they provide jobs for constituents and enhance the members reelection chances, rather than because the projects are necessarily wise.
"going Public"
The process in which congress or its members carry an issue debate to the public via the media.