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how is the universe God created and how do you understand the jewish affirmation when they say that the universe is god created?
creation came from god and all creation is therefore good
emphasis on character
what are three corollaries that follow from the western coupling of matter and spirit?
humanitarianism, doctrine of salvation, doctrine of incarnation
Five traits of humanity
frality, gradeur, sin, freedom of choice, divine parentage
what is man, his problem and the solution?
mind, body, soul
jewish understanding of history vs india's understanding
hindu: attitude of indifference.
summarize events in prologue genesis 1-11 that point out god's direct intervention in history
disobedience (forbidden fruit)
murder (cain and able)
what four reasons were given by smith to show that history had been of "towering significance" to the jews
time is linear
collective action
life's opportunities aren't monotonous
field of opportunity
judaism's sense of the 'ought' than 'is' and what conseqeunce does it make in the nature of things?
what is- confining to nature
what ought- transcends nature
importance of the ten commandments
foundational prioty
where and to whome did god reveal the ten commandments
mt. sinai
4 danger zones in human life that are checked by the four commandments
force, wealth, sex, speech
define prophet
what are 3stages of prophetical movement and clarify the main differences among them
one who speaks for god
guilds: collective
pre-writing: individual
Writing: clean up social
story of naboth
who challened the actions and why
what was the outcom
naboth refused to give up his family vineyard to ahab
Was framed of blasphemy
prophetic principal?
name few major prophets of israel and judah
God has high standards. divintiy will not put up w/explotion mediocracy & corruption
amos, hosea, jeremiah, isiah, micah
cause of the division of the united kingdom, israel
assyria, israel's enemies, conquered judah by god's will because the jews had foresake righteousness
cause of the fall of the northern kingdom 722-1 bc
assyria came down like a wolf on the fold and wiped out the northen kingdom
most painful suffering for the jews
the exile
how long did their bobylonian captivity last?
who freed them
how did they reestablish themselves?
cyrus (king of persia)
insights jews gained from their exile
meaning of vicarious suffering
those who remain faithful in adversity will be vindicated
someone who has beeen elevated/chosen
three features have remained constant in messianic idea
hope, national restitution, world upgrade
differences/tensions in the anticipated messianic appearance
actual messiah(priest,king)
god would intervene directly(w/human agent)
an age in which there would be political freedom , moral perfection and earthly bliss for israel and human race
zionism and its major accomplishment
modern moovement for political and spiritual renewal of the jewish people
helped jews return to palestine and found the state of Israel
theological ideas vs practices

put in terms of east vs west
=abstract vs concret
west is influenced by abstract reason (emph. creed) east has approached rel. through ritual narrative
ritual and its major functions
rouses courage and sets death in perspective
basic jewish life cycle rituals and holidays
sabboth eve with its candles and cup of sanctification. passover feast, day of atonement rams horn sounding the new year, scroll of the torah adorned with breast plate and crown
basic jewish manual for the hallowing of life
this law, the first 5 books of the bible, the Torah
chief way god's revelation came to the Israelites
god revealed himself in actions, not words, but deeds
which event was the first clear act by which god was made known to them and why
the exodus-god liberated an unorganized, enslaved pleople from the mightiest power of the age- launched israelites as a nation and was the 1st clear act by which yahweh's character was made known to them
3 characteristics of god disclosed in the israelites' major event known as exodus
power, goodness, concern for history
most celebrated jewish holiday of the year
how is it celebrated
passover- angel of destruction pass over doors with blood on them
judaisms understanding of the covenant relationship in the exodus event
god's sefdisclosure in the exodus was the invitation to a covenant . clearly formulated the covenant relation
what was god's covenant with abraham and what sign of the covenant is still practiced by the jews
god called abraham and entered the covenant with him
if abraham would be faithful to god's will god would give land
explain jewish 'doctrine of election'
it was not because you were more in # than other people but because the lord loves you he has chosen you to be a people for his own
what is the scandal of particularity?
doctine that god's doings can focus on particular times, places and people(s) in the interest of intentions human beings embrace universally
what led the jews to adopt the idea of chosen people
by every sociological law the jews should have perished a long time ago
what caused the biblical judaism to transform into rabbinic judaism
in 70ce romans destroyed the temple in jerusalem. focus of judaism shifted from the sacrificial rite of the temple to the study of the torah and its accompanying oral traditions in academics and synogogues
what are the rabbininc accomplishments of keeping judaism alive since diaspora
rabbis' synogaugues became centers for study worship ancd congregational life
what are the four great sectors of judaism
how do different jewish branches differ
faith, observance, culture, nation(love for)
differ in language and learning
four reasons that led to the formation of the state of israel
security, cultural, psychological, social/untopian
why is israel so important to jews
becasue israel's suffering represents jewish history