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What is the equator?
an imaginary line at 0 degrees latitude that circles the globe at its widest point halfway between the North and South poles
Where is the basic power of a democratic government vested?
in the individual citizen
When was JROTC established by the congress?
In leadership, __________gives others knowledge to complete a task
define assesment
the act of evaluating or appraising a person's ability or potential to meet certain standards or criteria
What is a globe?
a sphere shaped model of earth
T or F..The U.S. system of democrace is designed to prevent any one government from having too much power
What parts of the body does the aerobic exercise work?
heart, lungs, blood vessels
Name the Congressional Act that launched the JROTC program?
National Defense Act of 1916
_________ means giving others the will to do what they are capable of doing
The assesment tool "Winning Colors" groups human behavior into categories. Name the four behavior clusters.
adventurer, builder, planner, relater
__________ exercise works the muscles in fast bursts of movement and does not require oxygen
What is a hemisphere?
half of the earth
T or F. Because it is human nature to share power, democracies work easily?