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Inventor of FM radio
Edwin Armstrong
First FM station
W2XMN through GE
Nonduplication rule
1 station can't have both an AM station and FM station and play the same thing on both has to have different material at least 50% of the time
which stations set aside for noncommercial radio
Format Radio
radio that specializes in a type of music ex. country, top 40, all talk, ethnic
Secondary service
a format station might offer for example a country station might broadcast a religous format for 10 hours on the weekend
Who invented modern DJ
Todd Storz-KOHW in Nebraska which played lots of music instead of just talk-top 40
dollars earned from sale of airtime on radio
Telecommunications Act of 1996
led to deregulation- no national ownership limits, one person or company can own as many as eight stations in one market
one person or company owning and managing multiple radio stations in a single market
covered material
work of rhythm and blues music of African American atrists that was rerecorded by White atrists before it was aired
4 companies that control 90% of recorded music market in US
Sony BMG, Warner Music Group (only one that is American owned), and Unviersal Music Group, EMI records
Catalogue Albums/Recent Catologue albums
Catalogue=album that is more than three years old...Recent Catalogue=those that have been out for 15 months to three years
Digital Music Express direct satellite home and automobile delivery of audio by digital audio Radio Service (DARS)
Digital Audio Radio Service XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio
Digital Recording
Sound went from being preserved as a wave into 1s and 0s logged in milolisecond intervals
first Million selling CD
Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits
First online release of an albul
By Atomic Pop There's a Poison Going On
MP3 developed by who
Dieter Seitzer
Who introduced the portable MP3 player
Diamond Multimedia
Person to person software that permits direct Internet-based communication between two or more persona computers
technology to digitally compress both digital and analog signals allowing them to occupy the same channel (ppermits stations to broadcast in both formats without extra space
Shock jock
outrageous, rude, crude radio personalities
Who developed the first working divice for generating electrical signals suitable for transmission of a scene that people could see?
Paul Nipkow
a rotating spinning disc spinning in front of a photoelectric cell?
Nipkow disc
Who transmited moving images using a mechanical disc, sending an tv picture from London to Hartsdale?
John Logie Baird
Electronic scaning invented by who?
Either a Russian or a US farm boy. Valadimir Zworykin demonstrated his iconoscope tube the first ever practical television camera tube in 1923. Philo Fansworth a farmer also invented electrionic scaning around this time.
All-Channel Legislation
required that all sets be equiped with both VHF and UHF recievers
a deal that guarantees the producer that the network will order at least a piolet