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Longest drive by a 14 year old girl ?
Biggest disapointment
Island Green , fourth place
What pushes left most of the time ?
Brandon's putting
What was the best shot ?
Brandon out of the bunker .
Name the hotel chain we stayed at Sunday night ?
Best Western
Most boring tip on the Golf Channel ?
Sam Snead
At the Best Western , what did the old guy put in his cereal ?
Biggest sound ?
Farting in condo
How many wrecks did we see ?
What was the most unfair rule ?
Seniors from up tees
Worst TV movie?
Billy Madison
Neatest extra from the ladies cart ?
Cold towels
What is the greatest experience ?
Golfing with Brandon
The best layout of all the courses ?
Proudest moment?
Anything with Brandon
Best time ?
Fathers on Golf tourney
Which two players took the most time?
Family Fun twosome
What was the worst ?
Dad in water at Island Green and Brandon's sideway slider
Whay were the names of the Myrtlewood players
Where was Short Pump ?
Why did we change clothes at the Family Fun ?
What gets wet two times ?
Dad's tee shots