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What was the two other religions that was led by Upanishads?
Jainism and Buddhism
What is hindus free to choose?
The deity they worship or to choose none
at all.
What did hindu ideas about karma and
reincarnation do?
Strengthened the caste system
What are Upanishads?
They are dialogues
What is hinduism?
Hinduism is a collection of religious
beliefs that developed slowly over a long period of time.
What does the beliefs of hinduism and
its caste structure dominated?
The beliefs determined what one can eat
and how one ate it,personal cleanliness,
the people one could associate with,
how one dressed.
What is the three different paths for
achieving moksha?
They are the path of right thinking,the
path of right action,or the path of religious devotion.
What is moksha?
Its a state of perfect understanding of
all things.
Hinduism has gone through changes over
how many years?
The last 2,500 years.
In hinduism what is reincarnation?
An individual soul or spirit is born again and again until moksha is achieved.
What is atman?
The individual soul of living being.
What is Brahman?
The world soul that conatins and unites
all atmans.
What was the three personalities of three gods Brahman had?
What is brahma?
The creator
What is Vishnu?
The protector
What is shiva?
The destroyer
What is a soul's karma?
good or bad deeds,follows from one
reincarnation to another
What did good karma brought?
good fortune
What did bad karma brought?
bad fortune
Who was the founder of Jainism?
If a person was born as an upper-caste
male-a Brahmin,warrior,or merchant had
His good fortune was said to come from
good karma earned in a former life