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poignant - adj
insightful, stimulating to the mind, feelings
abhorred - adj
beguile - v
bewitch, to entice, lure
dispersing - v
fugivive - n
a person who is running from the law, someone in pursuit
excruciating - adj
painful, unbearable, harrowing
pensive - adj
reflective, contiplative, thoughtful
refuse - n
trash, waste, rubbish
pestilence - n
diseases, plague
discourse - n
conversation, lecture, sermon
incite - v
to provoke, and urge on
infraction - n
a violation, breaking of a rule
anguish - n
turmoil, upset, great pain
calamity - n
a great misfortune
oppression - n
act of slavery or tyranny
intellectual - n
a person having knowledge & intelligence
perfunctorily - adv
to do or act in a rounine manner
incriminate - v
to accuse of a crime or other wrongful act
chastise - v
to criticize severely
placidly - acv
belligerent - adj
fond of fighting
fray - n
brawl, duel
remnant - n
the small part remaining
impede - v
hinder, stand in the way of
excursions - n
short journey or adventure made for pleasure
squanders - v
to waste or spend lavishly
non-descript - adj
not be ??
mutiny - n
battle, revolt
immortal - adj
apprehension - n
doom, dread, expectation of misfortune
devout - adj
loyal, faithful
stolid - adj
impassive, (emotionless)
desolation - n
wasteland, bare land
look up (study guide 5)
flounder - v
faulter, struggle with something that should come easily
treacherous - adj
deceitful, shy, unsafe, dangeroug
to give false talking, appearance, faking
imperative - adj
important, significant, necessary, urgent
meager - adj
very little, not enough
insidious - adj
treacherous, cunning
faltered - v
to stagger or stumble, to flounder
transgressions - n
sin or
chortled - v
snorting, joyful laugh or chuckle
obsolete - adj
out of date, not useful