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4 Missionaries to the Lamanites
1- Oliver Cowdery-senior comp. (Preaching)
2- Parley P. Pratt (Baptizing)
3- Peter Whitmer Jr (Tailoring)
4- Ziba Petersen (Womanizer)
-Missionaries continue on to Independence MO, but are required a license to preach. Parley goes to return to get a license to preach but goes to find Joseph in Kirtland. Other missionaries didn't baptize any native Americans.
Sidney Rigdon
-Parley P. Pratt's old preacher
- Sidney reads BOM the stands in from of congregation and testifies it is true.
- 120 people baptized in 3 weeks
-Scribe for the bible with Joseph
Parley P. Pratt
-Original Missionary and went to get a license to preach

1836-apostate for 1 year.
Called to Canada for a mission-promised if he goes he will get a son. Keeps hearing "John Taylor" who refuses to talk to Parley. People start to listen to Parley rather than John. John comes to listen and is baptized.
-Parley's wife had a boy and Parley leaves Canada. Tells John "if you hear Joseph is a fallen Prophet it is not true"........Parley falls....John Taylor comes to see Parley who tells him Joseph is fallen. John shakes Parley and Parley realizes his mistake, taken to see Joseph and John is introduced.
Kirtland, Ohio

1st gathering place
-Joseph receives the revelation "time to gather" in Kirtland.
-Missionaries had come and gone do the church was interesting. Members pray for Joseph to come.
-Joseph arrives and meets Newel K. Whitney, Joseph says "thou art the man"
- Joseph's home 1831-1838: 48 revelations
-Joseph and Emma pregnant with twins, miscarries(2nd time) in April
Heber J Grant organizes first inter mountain west state. Hollywood.
Newel K. Whitney
Runs a store. Joseph says "thou art the man"
Hiram, OH
Sept. 1831: 16 revelations, translation of the bible
-small time then back to Kirtland
1831- Hiram
1832-1837- Back to Kirtland
1831-Jackson County
1833-1836- Clay County;Liberty
April 3, 1836
Kirtland temple, recieve other keys of the church. Quorum of the 12, only 3 are left standing by 1838
1831, Jackson, MO
People are called by Joseph to go to Jackson. David Whitmer leads church in Jackson.
Alexander Donaphin
Joseph's lawer
Davis County: Adam Ondi Ahaman
3 jails
John Murdock
Wife has twins the same time as Joseph and Emma; Mother Murdock dies. John give Joseph and Emma his twins: Julia and Joseph Smith Murdock Smith
Ezra Booth
Minister that travels with Johnsons to Kirtland: asked "are the gifts of the Holy Spirit on earth?" Joseph goes to John Johnson's wife with a lame arm and commands her to be healed. Ezra Booth and Johnson's baptized. Ezra stays to ask Joseph what to do...told to go to hometown to tell people what he knew.
-Ezra preaches gospel in schools- Symons Ryder hears.

-1st apostate of the church
2nd is Symons Ryder
Symons Ryder
-Hears the gospel from Ezra Booth
-Goes to Kirtland to meet Joseph, baptized and told to go on a mission.
-Joseph cannot spell his name right so he becomes apostate
2nd apostate of the church
John Johnson's farm:
Hiram, OH
-Offer for Joseph and Emma to come stay there while he translates the bible.
-Xymons Ryder(in newspaper) challenges debate between him and Joseph/sydney rigdon.
-Revelation of sec 76
-Ryder and Booth get worked up about gathering place being moved to Hiram OH, and come to the conclusion that Joseph must die.(tar and feather)
March 24, 1832
Tar and Feathered:
After midnight Symons Ryder plans for men to come to the brick yard (mob). 60 men work their way to farmhouse. Twins (11 months old) have the measles. Emma hears something thinking that it is trees; doors open and 12 men stand, black faces. WARREN WASTE grabs joseph's right leg(good leg), joseph kicks him clear out the door. KARMET MASON pulls jospeh's hair and scalp out. Taken out to front porch. Warren chokes Joseph until unconscious. Take him "30 rods". looks and sees sidney rigdon in a pool of blood. Put on a plank and stripped down, Dr. Dennison planned to castrate him, but Dr's hands begin to shake and he cannot hold the knife. Has a vile with nitric Acid, tries to force it down and chips Joseph's tooth. Vile falls out of Dr's hand.
-Symons Ryder brings bucket of tar. Man falls on Joseph like a "mad cat" scratching him. tar into throat and feathers. "Mormons are coming", Joseph looses consciousness again, gets tar ball out and starts crawling.
Warren Waste
kicked by Joseph and chokes him during the Tar and feathering at John Johnson farm
Karmet Mason
Pulls out Josephs Hair and scalp during the Tar and feathering at John Johnson farm
After Tar and Feather
Dresser is moved from door of John Johnson who grabs his cane and is beat by his "own man"
-David Whitmer comes
-Emma sees Joseph crawling, thinks the tar is blood and faints: gets blanket to joseph and comes in. Men spend the night with knives and try to take off the tar. Next morning he attends church and baptizes too.

-those in the mob not satisfied about Joseph being alive. The tar and feathering made Sidney
Ridgon loopy. By Wed Joseph (baby twin) dies of exposure.
Revelations in Ohio:

Most Pop
Least Pop
Most Popular: D&C 87=WAR (missionaries wrote this on scraps of paper the most)"get in the door approach"
Least Popular: D&C 89=Word of wisdom
Glorious: 109=Dedicatory prayer for Kirtand temple
D&C 89 - Word of Wisdom
Temperance movement: Joseph receives revelation;not a commandment but some are called to live it. David Whitmer failed at keeping the covenant. Joseph's biggest temptation was whiskey.
-becomes a commandment with Heber J Grant-vision of more death on highways etc.
School of the Prophets
Held above Newel K. Whiteny store
Temperance Movement
Use alcohol sparingly
Kirtland Temple
D&C 109: most glorious
-Joseph saw the temple in vision, seeing it exactly as it should be. 3rd story at night with 300 men receiving initiations prayer "temple looked like it was on fire"
March 27, 1836
Lord accepted temple "Shinehah" becomes the new name for temple.
Bringing of the keys to Joseph and Oliver
1- Moses:Keys of gathering, temple keys
2- Elias: forerunner, Noah or Abraham, dispensation of Abraham, keys to make covenants with the Lord.
3- Elijah, keys to bring hearts children to the fathers, and hearts of the fathers to the children.
Kirtland Safety Society
Orson Hyde sent to get approval for bank from Ohio legislature. The answer is no (cannot have a religious bank) and no resources.
-Joseph and friends make bad decision and set up an anti-bank.
-because of the bank rebellion in NYC the saints ran to temple square to get their money. Joseph could give them 12cents for every dollar
-Joseph pleads to the Lord, looks over the books and sees that $40,000 is missing. Fredrick G. Williams cannot give a search warrant for the money.
Picking of the quorum of the 12
-not called by Joseph, but my Oliver, Martin, and David.
1-Thomas B. Marsh
2-David W. Patton-really the oldest but didn't know his real age so Marsh was said to be older.

~major diff. from then to now: AGE-decades, LONGEVITY in th church.
12-Lyman Johnson
Thomas B. Marsh
-Converted by getting extra BOM pages from the E.B. Grandon press.

Far West:
-Purchases land next to George Harris.
-Wives become best friends. Share the strippings from the cows and Elizabeth Marsh thinks she's being cheated
-takes Lucinda Harris to Bishops court,stake president, then to 1st presidency. Joseph receives revelation that 1 will fall(1 of 12).
-Thomas writes to Gov. Boggs saying Joseph is getting Native Americans to fight. Extermination order comes of this and Thomas is sent away from church.
-Wife leaves him, and Thomas gets palsy.
-Later years he goes back to George Harris who takes him in and is baptized again.
-Later tells Brigham that he will never fall away from the church again and he does.
Brigham Young
Told Thomas B. Marsh that he would leave the church again.
David W. Patton
Dies in a battle trying to get prisoners, wounded and taken back home

Heber C Kimball
Joseph says that his wife will be one of his 1st plural wives. One night goes by and Heber gives his wife to Joseph...Joseph calls after him and says it was a test.
Orson Hyde
-Memorized the bible
-Mission to the "holy land" learning German and Hebrew

-Best friend is Thomas B. Marsh. Signs the letter that goes to William W. Boggs. Orson is dropped from the 12 and church.
-He comes back because of Heber C. Kimball(missionary companion)who took him to Joseph who said it was because of him that he was put in all the jails.
-Re-baptized and put into his original spot on the 12. Later becomes president of the 12, when called in by Brigham Young who said that because of the past John Taylor would take seniority above him as president of the quorum.
William Mclellin
Thought he was smart:pride issue. Thought he could write better revelations that God. God challenges him and when he finds he cannot do it he signs
Bank: when bank falls he looses his dream. Joseph is in Jail. Steals what he thinks is his, has 4 children and left with nothing. Travels to safety across frozen mississippi
-He leaves the church but can never leave it alone, he eventually drowns
Luke Johnson
Original 12
Lyman Johnson
a judge. Very anti-Mormon. Drowns in tobaggon that cracks through ice on a lake
William Smith
Joseph's brother: bad temper: wanted to live plural marriage(only on of the 12). Beats Joseph who didn't fight back. At the death of Joseph he is the patriarch. gave different blessings to pretty woman "spiritual wifery"
-he wouldn't repent and formed his own church that lasted a year. Many marriages and became RLDS
Orson Pratt
Younger brother of Parley:
-renter in his house while on a mission in England-John C. Bennett(womanizer).
-when Orson gets home his wife is not affectionate to him anymore. Say's she's having a relationship with Joseph Smith. He leaves the church by choice. Later realized that is is Bennett that his wife was with. Orson decides to drown himself and tells his wife who tells Joseph who goes to find him. Joseph baptizes him in the same river.
Longest living of the quorum of the 12. but John Taylor and Wilford put above him in seniority
John F. Boynton
Only University Grad.
called as single man
fell after safety society and whips Brigham young out of kirtland temple.
goes back to extinguisher, torpedo, married second wife in hot air balloon in NYC.
Brigham tries to find him with missionaries but will not join. Brigham brings him to utah where he stays then leaves and dies after leaving and dies of apendex
Jane Manning
First black
stays in Josephs home
helps build the SLC temple.
goes to prophets to get endowment:
1- brigham young
2- John taylor
3-wilford woodruff
4- Joseph f smith
W.W. Phelps
called to run the Evening and Morning star newspaper
mission to the Holy Land
Heber C. Kimball
Orson Hyde