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angle bisector
A ray that starts at the vertex of an angle that divides the angle in to two angles of equal measure
collinear points
Points that lie on the same line.
complementary angles
Two angles whose measures have the sumof 90°
concave polygon
A polygon with one side that angles in
congruent polygons
Two polygons are congruent when the have the same size and same shape
consecutive vertices
"Consecutive: going in order
convex polygon
All the vertices are pointing out
coplanar points
Points that lie on the same plane.
A line segment that connects any two non-consecutive vertices
equiangular polygons
A polygon whose angles are all the same measure
equilateral polygons
A ploygon whose sides are all the same length
line segment
Part of a line with two endpoints.
linear pair of angles
A pair of angles on the same line.
A point that is equally distant from the two endpoints
parallel lines
Two or more lines that lie in the same plane and do not intersect
"Sum of all the sides
perpendicular lines
Two lines that intersect to form a right angle
"The basic unit of geometry. It has no size
A closed geometric figure
A part of a line that has a beginning but no end
regular polygon
A polygon whose angles and sides are all the same measure
Line segment connecting 2 vertices
skew lines
Lines that are not in the same plane and that do not intersect
Set of all points.
supplementary angles
Two angles whose measures have the sum of 180°
Angle of polygon
vertical angles
A pair of angles directly across from each other