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(Jolt pins Heather)
Jolt, take it easy. My mom'll be home any minute.
JOLT: Let's go upstairs.
I told you. My mom's on her way home.
JOLT: Please, I love you so much it hurts. Please.
Not now.
JOLT: Where you goin'? Come back here.
You're too dangerous.
JOLT: Come over here.
What time is it?
JOLT: You're killin' me. Take a knife and cut me. Go ahead. Put me out of my misery.
You don't act like you're suffering.
JOLT: I feel like I'm gonna explode, okay? Like I'm in a vise and you're squeezing it.
Me, squeeze it?
JOLT: Go ahead. I'm yours.
No. My mom's coming home any minute, and I know you.
JOLT: Who, me? I didn't do anything. Well, nothing you didn't want me to do.
That's all you ever want to do. Hey, know something you'd like to know.
JOLT: Let's not talk, okay?
You never want to talk.
JOLT: Sure I do. Just not right now.
It's about a certain wrestler dating Mel.
JOLT: Not him. I hate that guy.
You're gonna love it.
JOLT: Whatever it is it won't make up for practice today.
What happened?
JOLT: He's down to 160, so it's me and Luke.
Oh, no.
JOLT: Oh, yes. I can't stand to touch that freak.
Well, do you want to hear what I heard or not?
JOLT: I'm gonna destroy him in the wrestle-offs.
I don't know about that. He pinned you twice last week in practice.
JOLT: Whose side are you on?
It's the truth, I was there.
JOLT: I'll get him rattled. I'll psych him out. I won't let him find an opening.
Don't worry, you'll take him.
JOLT: What if I don't?
Then you'll lose. It's not the end of the world.
JOLT: What are you talking about? Losing to one of those guys... it's humiliating.
I'll still love you, even if you lose.
JOLT: I won't lose. I can't.
Do you want to know what I heard or not?
JOLT: I'll go low for the takedown and nail him before he can figure out what hit him.
Jolt. You are so annoying. You never listen to me.
JOLT: Okay. Tell me.
You have to promise you won't tell anybody or Melanie'll kill me.
JOLT: Okay.
Mel told me that Matt hasn't even tried anything with her. Like he's just going out with her to impress everybody. They haven't even gotten to second base.
JOLT: He probably can't--unless he's with Luke.
Referee blows whistle, indicates Matt in spotlight.
MATT: You think you know me, but you don't.
For a while I thought we were wrong about Matt, but now.. well, there's no doubt in my mind.