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sternoclavicular joint (4)
anterior sternoclavicular ligament
posterio sternoclavicular ligament
costoclavicular ligament
interclavicular ligament
acromioclavicular joint (4)
acromioclavicular ligament
coracoclavicular ligament
trapezoid portion
conoid portion
scapula (2)
coracoacromial ligament
suprascapular ligament
glenohumeral joint (5)
glenoid labrum
superior glenohumeral ligament
middle glenohumeral ligament
inferior glenohumeral ligament
transvers humeral ligament
elbow joint (2)
ulnar collateral ligament
radial collateral ligament
proximal radioulnar joint (1)
annular ligament
middle radioulnar joint (1)
interosseous membrane
wrist (2)
radial carpal collateral ligament
ulnar carpal collateral ligament
distal metacarpal joints
deep transverse metacarpal ligaments
sacroiliac joint (2)
ventrosacroiliac ligament
dorsal sacroiliac ligament
vertebropelvic ligaments (3)
sacrotuberous ligament
sacrospinous ligament
inguinal ligament
pubic symphysis (3)
superior pubic ligament
arcuate pubic ligament
interpubic disk
hip joint (6)
ligaments of the head of the femur
transverse ligaments of the acetabulum
acetabular labrum
iliofemoral ligament
ischiofemoral ligament
pubofemoral ligament
knee joint (7)
anterior cruciate ligament
posterior cruciate ligament
lateral collateral ligament
medial collateral ligament
medial meniscus
lateral meniscus
ligamentum patella
ankle joint (4)
deltoid ligament
anterior talofibular ligament
posterior talofibular ligament
calcaneofibular ligament
tarsal joints (3)
long plantar ligament
plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
calcaneonavicular ligament
vertebral bodies (3)
anterior longitudinal ligament
posterior longitudinal ligament
intervertebral disks
vertebral arches (4)
ligamentum flavum
supraspinous ligament
interspinous ligament
ligamentum nuchae
intertransverse ligaments
lumbosacral joint (1)
iliolumbar ligament
sacrococcygeal joint (4)
ventral sacrococcygeal ligament
lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
superficial dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament
deep dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament