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What are the on Field Assessmnet Goals?
Rule Out Life Threatening and serious Injuries.
Determine the Nature of the Injury as well as severity.
Decide how to transport the athlete off the field.
What is the on-field: Primary Survey?
Survey the Scene and check for life threatening conditions.
Check for consciousness
Check for ABCs.
Assume spinal injury if you did not witness injury.
Check for and control severe bleeding.
What is the On-Field: Secondary Survey?
History (Determine mechanism, location and severity of injury).
Observation (consciousness, in unconscious, suspect head or neck injury).
Shock Assesment (wet, white, weak).
Check for fractures, deformities, etc.
What is the subjuctive Nonemergency Assessment?
Athlete’s Impression
What is the objective Nonemergency Assessment?
Tests to establish severity of injury
Bilateral comparison
What is SINS?
Severity of the Injury, Irritability, Nature of the Injury, Stage
Refer the severe injuries
Relates to the stage and extent of injury, the structures injured, and athlete’s pain tolerance.
History can give an initial impression.
Important to know prior to assessment.
Includes the type of injury and type of the structures involved.
History is Important. Confirm suspicions through objective assessment.
Injuries fall into 3 stages:
Acute (7-10 days following initial trauma).
Subacute (4-6 weeks following onset).
Chronic (at least 6-8 weeks in duration).