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Smoked North Atlantic Salmon, Bermuda onion, tomato and cucumber on a bagel with regular or low fat cream cheese, or chive cheese.
The Jack & Marion
Bagel w/ lox
The Jack & Marion
Box of cereal
Not Just For Kids
Two eggs any style with homefries
The Beacon
Two eggs any style with homefries and meat (sausage, bacon, turkey sausage, ham, or canuck bacon)
The Centre
Corned beef hash w/ two eggs any style and homefries
The Diner
Lox, onions, scrambled eggs, and homefries
The Deli
Beef salami fried w/ scrambled eggs, and homefries
The Rascal House
Open omelette with mashed potatoes, bacon, scallions, swiss cheese
Waban's Fritatta
Two poached eggs on an english muffin with Canuck bacon, with cheese sauce tomatoes and homefries
Eggs Chestnut Hill
Three eggs scrambled with Andouille sausage, cheddar cheese, onions, and green chili peppers, in a tortilla, w/ salsa , sour cream, homefries (no toast)
Santa Fe Burritos
Three eggs scrambled with onions, broccoli, and mushrooms rolled ina flour tortilla, w/ mozz cheese, salsa, sour cream, homefries (no toast)
Johnny's Breakfast Burritos
Three eggs any style w/ flapjacks, homefries, and meat
18 Wheeler
Two blintzes w/ sour cream, one slice of crunchy french toast w/ strawberries, butter, maple syrup, two eggs any style, and two strips of bacon
Arlo's Combo
Three eggs with French Toast, homefries, and meat
The Semi
Omelette - mozz cheese, tomatoes, basil
Omelette - spinach, mushrooms, bacon, swiss cheese
Ethan's Florentine
Omelette - Eggbeaters w/ Canuck bacon, sundried tomatoes, spinsach w/ toast and sliced tomatoes instead of homefries (opt)
Omelette - Eggbeaters, lowfat mozz cheese, broccoli and tomato, served with cantaloupe instead of homefries
You Look Mahvelous
Omelette - Shiitake, Portabello, crimini and button mushrooms, swiss cheese and roasted red peppers
Ada's Wild Mushroom
Omelette - Egg whites w/ spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, cantaloupe instead of homefries
Omelette - Ham, onion, and peppers