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What big event happened after John tells us about the wedding?
The passover
On what day was there a wedding?
The third day.
How full did they fill them?
To the brim.
Where was the wedding?
In Cana of Galilee.
What was Jesus' answer to the Jews when they asked Him to show them a sign?
He said destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.
Who else was invited to the wedding?
Jesus and His disciples.
What did the disciples remember after Jesus made his speech in the temple?
Psalm 69:9
Zeal for your house has eaten me up.
Who was at the wedding?
The mother of Jesus.
Did they stay there long?
What were they made of?
What "terrible" thing happened at the wedding?
They ran out of wine.
Did the master of the feast know wher it came from?
What did his miracles do?
Manifested his glory
Who did the master of the feast call?
The bridegroom
Whn Jesus said he would raise the temple in three days, what was He talking about?
His death, burial and resurrection
While Jesus was at Jerusalem at the Passover, did many people come to believe that He was the son of God?
What did Mary say to Jesus?
They have no wine.
What did he say to him?
In the beginning, everyman sets out he good wine and once all the guests get drunk, then he sets out the bad wine
What was Jesus' response?
Woman, what does your concern have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.
What were they for?
Purification of water.
What helped the people in Jerusalem to believe?
The signs or miracles
After the wedding, where did Jesus go?
To Capernaum.
How many waterpots were at the wedding?
Where did Jesus begin to do his miracles?
In Cana of Galilee
What did he do after he made a whip?
He drove all of them out with the animals, poured out the changers money and turned over the tables.
What did He do?
Made a whip out of cords.
What did Mary tell the servants?
Do whatever He tells you to do.
What did He say to the people?
Take these things away! Do not make my Father's house a house of merchandise.
Later on when Jesus had risen from the dead, what did they remember?
What He had said in the temple about raising the temple in three days and they believed!!
What did the Jews say to Him?
What sign do you show us?
What else did his miracles do?
Cause the disciples to believe in Him.
How much water could each of them hold?
twenty or thirty gallons a piece
Who did he find in the temple?
People who sold oxen, sheep and doves and money changers.
What did Jesus tell them to do after they filled the pots with water?
Take some to the master of the feast
What did Jesus tell them to do with them?
Fill them with water.
What had the water been made into?
Who went with Him?
His mother, His brothers, and His disciples.
Did Jesus know about man's sinful nature?
Where did Jesus go for the Passover?
What did the Jews say when Jesus told them he would raise the temple up in three days?
It has taken us 46 years to build this temple.