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What is the main ingredient in Crab Balls?
Seafood Stuffing.
#1 - Cornbread (Blank). You eat this with turkey and gravy.
What are the five (5) key ingredients in the dish CRAB-STUFFED MUSHROOMS? Give examples of SIZZLE words.
#1 - Mushroom caps, seafood stuffing, Alfredo sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, and garlic toast wedges.

#2 - Moist, creamy, sumptious.
#1 - Cornbread (Blank).
You eat this with turkey and gravy.

#2 - Similar to croutons.

#3 - Chicken Fettucine (Blank)
What is calamari made of? What sauce is served with it?
#1 - Squid.

#2 - Marinara.
#1 - Not an octupus, but a (blank).

#2 - Another name for spaghetti sauce.
What two items are served on the side of an order of Clam Chowder?
#1 - Oyster Crackers.

#2 - Soup spoon.
#1 - Another name for saltines.
How are the peel 'n' eat shrimp cooked? How many shrimp does the gues treceive with an order?
#1 - Varies by region. Spicy, Boil, or Steamed.

#2 - 13
#1 - Not hot, but (Blank).

#2 - Baker's dozen.
What are the fourteen (14) key ingredients in the dish JOE'S DOUBLE DIP? Give examples of SIZZLE words.
#1 - Shrimp Dip: shrimp, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes.

#2 - Crab Dip: crab meat, cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, parmesan cheese.

Served with tri-color tortilla chips for dipping.

#3 - Festive, creamy, colorful, blended taste.
#1 - Philadelphia (Blank).

#2 - Popeye.

#3 - Bell (Blank).

#4 - Pizza topping.
How many cheese sticks are served in the FRIED CHEESE appetizer? What sauce is served with it?
#1 - Eight (8).

#2 - Marinara.
#1 - another name for spaghetti sauce.
List the four (4) main items on the AWESOME APPETIZER COMBO:
#1 - Potato Skins, Chicken Fingers, Crab Dip, Peel 'n' Eat Shrimp
#1 - Twice Baked (Blank).

#2 - White Meat.

#3 - Not a lobster, but a {Blank).
List all the main ingredients in seafood stuffing:
#1 - Shrimp, crab, whitefish, celery, onion, garlic, spices.
#1 - Not black, but (Blank).

#2 - What vegetable goes with a Bloody Mary?

#3 - Sage, oregano, and thyme are called (Blank).
What are the eight (8) key ingredients in the dish STUFFED JALAPENOS? Give examples of SIZZLE words.
#1 - Jalapenos, seafood stuffing, Monterey Jack Cheese, seasonsed breadcrumbs, deep fried, ranch dressing

#2 - Spicy, crunchy, delicious.
#1 - Cornbread (Blank). You eat this with turkey and gravy.

#2 - Another name for crushed croutons.

#3 - Not broiled, baked, or grilled, but (Blank).
How many chicken wings in an order? What is it served with?
#1 - 10.

#2 - Ranch dressing.
#1 - Not nine, but (Blank).

#2 - Not a farm, but a (Blank).
Name an appetizer that is a great value at $1.25
#1 - Chips and salsa.
#1 - Tortilla (Blank)

#2 - Pace Picante is a (Blank).
List the condiments, sides, and garnishes for both hamburgers and sandwiches:
#1 - French fries (a side), pickle spear (a garnish), cole slaw (a side), mayonnaise (a condiment).
#1 - Dill (Blank).

#2 - Not baked or mashed, but (Blank).
What are the veggies that are put on the toasted bun for hamburgers, fish, and crab cake sandwiches? List quantity, too!
#1 - Onion slices (2); tomato slices (2); shredded lettuce.
No hints.
What are the nine (9) key ingredients in the dish CRAB CAKE SANDWICH? Give examples of SIZZLE words.
#1 - Lump crab meat cake, toasted bun, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, remoulade, French fries, cole slaw, pickle spear.

#2 - Zesty, tangy, tender, mild.
No hints.