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嫌 / いや
disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant, reluctant
色色 / いろいろ
同じ / おなじ
identical, equal, equivalent, similar
嫌い / きらい
dislike, hate
奇麗 / きれい
pretty, clean, nice, tidy, beautiful, fair
結構 / けっこう
splendid, very well, delicious
元気 / げんき
health(y), robust, energy, vitality, stamina, spirit, courage
静か / しずか
quiet, peaceful
上手 / じょうず
skill, skillful, dexterity
丈夫 / じょうぶ
good health, robustness, strong, solid, durable
好き / すき
liking, fondness, love
大丈夫 / だいじょうぶ
safe, all right, O.K.
大好き / だいすき
very likeable, like very much
大切 / たいせつ
大変 / たいへん
awful, dreadful, terrible, very
賑やか / にぎやか
bustling, busy
下手 / へた
unskillful, poor, awkward
便利 / べんり
convenient, handy, useful
真っ直ぐ / まっすぐ
straight (ahead), direct, upright, erect, honest, frank
有名 / ゆうめい
fame, famous
容易い / ようい
easy, simple, plain
立派 / りっぱ
splendid, fine, handsome, elegant, imposing, legitimate