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Apple/NF Milk-Ice-Yogurt-Frozen Banana
Berry Raspberry
Raspberry-Ice-1/2 yogurt-1/2 Rasberry Sherbert-Rasberries 2pcs banana
Big Berry Combo
Apple Juice-Ice-1/2 Yogurt-1/2 Rasberry Sherbert-Blueberries 2pcs banana
Boysenberry Blast
Carrot Patch
Carrot Juice -Ice-Yogurt-Frozen Banana
Chai Tea Shake
Water-Ice-Yogurt-Chai Mix 2pcs banana
Congo Lime
Pineapple Juice-Ice-Lime Sherbert-Peaches NO Banana
Jumpin Java
NF Millk-Ice-1 1/2 Yogurt-Java Mix 2pcs banana
Just Peachy
Peach Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Peaches 2pcs banana
Lava Flow
Pine/Straw/Mango Juice-I-ce-Yogurt-Strawberry/Pineapple 2pcs banana
Lucky Lemon
Lemonade/Raspberry Juice-Ice-Pineapple Sherbert-Strawberry NO Banana
Mango Mania
Mango Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Peaches/Strawberry 2pcs banana
Melon Madness
Watermelon-Ice-Yogurt-Strawberry 2pcs banana
Orange Berry Tickler
Orange Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Strawberry 2pcs banana
Orange Blitz
Orange Juice - Ice-1/2 Yogurt- 1/2 Orange Sherbert- Blueberries 2pcs banana
Papaya Passion
Papaya Juice-Yogurt-Peaches 2pcs banana
Passion Punch
Passion Juice-Ice-1/2 yogurt-1/2 Orange Sherbert-Peaches/Strawberry 2pcs banana
Pina Coolada
Pineapple Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Pineapples/Frozen Banana
Pineapple Punch
Pineapple/OJ Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Strawberry/Pineapples 2pcs banana
Raspberry Craze
Raspberry/Cranberry Juice-Ice-Rasberry Sherbert-Peaches/Strawberry 2pcs banana
Razzle Dazzle
Raspberry Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Strawberry 2pcs banana
Seabreeze Squeeze
Apple/Cranberry Juice-Ice-1/2 Yogurt-1/2 Orange Sherbert-Rasberries/Strawberry 2pcs banana
Soy Sensation
Soymilk/Strawberry Juice-Ice-Strawberry/Frozen Banana
Strawberry Wave
Strawberry Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Strawberry 2pcs banana
Sunrise Splash
Orange Juice-Ice-1/2 Yogurt-1/2 Orange Sherbert-Peaches 2pcs banana
That's a Peach Hun
Peach/Pineapple Juice-Ice-Yogurt-Peaches 2pcs banana -Squirt Of Honey
Tropical Tango
Papaya/OJ Juice-Ice-1/2 Yogurt-1/2 Orange Sherbert-Strawberry 2pcs banana