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Jing Well points treat
clear heat, restore consciousness, rescue collapse, the uppermost reaches of the channels, fullness below the heart, disorders of the spirit
throat painful obstruction, deafness, tinnitus and toothache, qi fullness of the chest radiating to the lateral costal region, dsypnoea and cough
swelling of the face, toothache, lockjaw, throat pain, deviation of the mouth, nosebleed, yellow nasal discharge, fullness and distension of the chest and abdomen, nightmares, insomnia, somnolence
pain at the root of the tongue, swollen tongue, throat painful obstruction, heat in the mouth, pain and redness of the eyes, heart pain, pain of the chest and lateral costal region
headache, dizziness, red eyes, nose bleed, deafness, tinnitus, throat pain, curled tongue, stiff tongue, heat/erosion of the mouth, mouth ulcers, drooling, cold sensation below the heart, agitation with heart pain, oppression and pain of the chest and lateral costals, mania
vertex headache, occipital headache, nasal congestion, nosebleed, eye pain, pain of the inner canthus, deafness, tinnitus, pain of the lateral costal region and chest, agitation of the heart
dizziness, vertex headache, throat pain with inability to swallow, loss of voice, dry tongue, nosebleed, heart pain, cough, dysnoea
pain at the root of the tongue, stiffness of the tongue and inability to speak, heart pain, agitation of the heart, oppression of the heart with absence of sweating
tinnitus, deafness, earache, stiff tongue, pain at the root of the tongue, dryness of the mouth, dry lips, bitter taste in the mouth, headache, redness of the eyes, throat painful obstruction, pain of the submandibular region, congested heat of the upper jiao, oppression of the heart with absence of sweating and heart pain
headache, stabbing pain of the head, dizziness, sudden deafness, tinnitus, redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, throat pain, stiff tongue with inability to speak and curled tongue with dry mouth
pain of the lateral costals with cough and inability to catch the breath
bitter taste, ceaseless nosebleed, sudden heart pain