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When do the dorsal columns decussate?
in the medulla after synapsing on the nucleus cuneatus and gracilis
Which layer is not pierced in a LP?
pia, dura and arachnoid are
What does the STT relay?
pain and temperature
What do the dorsal columns relay?
proprioception, pressure, vibration, touch
Where does the STT decussate?
in the ant white commissure of the SC
What is function of the lateral corticospinal tract?
descending voluntary movements of the contralateral limb
What decussates in the caudal medulla?
lateral corticospinal tract
What does the lateral corticospinal tract do?
descending voluntary movement of contralateral limb
What nerve is composed of the roots of C5-C7?
long thoracic
What muscle groups do the axillary and radial nerve do?
What does a radial nerve injury cause?
wrist drop, loss of triceps and brachioradialis reflex
What does the radial nerve pass through?
What does the medial nerve pass through?
pronator teres
What injury puts the radial nerve at risk?
shaft of humerus
What injury puts the medial nerve at risk?
supracondyle of the humerus
What actions are lost with a medial n injury?
pronation, wrist flexion, finger flexion, several thumb movements
What injury causes claw hand?
ulnar injury
What actions are lost with a ulnar n. injury?
impaired wrist flexion, adduction of wrist and thumb
Where is the injury to cause ulnar nerve damage?
medial epicondyl
Where does the ulnar nerve pass thru?
flexor carpi ulnaris
Which muscle is affected by an axillary injury?
What injury causes axillary n. problems?
injury to surgical nexk of humerous or ant. dislocation of the shoulder
What injury is responsible for loss of biceps reflex?
injury to musculocutaneous
What muscles are affected by an injury to the musculocutaneous n?
coracobrachialis, biceps, brachialis
What is Erb-Duchenne Palsy?
traction or tear of the upper trunck
What roots are affected in erb-duchenne palsy?
What cause a waiter's tip hand?
traction or tear of the upper trunk
What is Klumpke's palsy?
compression of C8, T1
What does Klumpke's palsy result in?
claw hand
What does injury of the peroneal nerve cause?
foot drop
What nerve root make up the peroneal n?
What nerve roots make up the tibial n?
What happend if the tibial n. is damaged?
can't stand on tiptoes
What does the tibial n. innervate?
post compartment, invert foot, plantarflexion
What is McBurney's point?
2/3 the way from the umbilicus to the ant sup iliac spine
What is the moro reflex?
extension of limbs when startled
What is the rooting reflex?
nipple seeking
What is the palmer reflex?
grasp objects
What is the babinski reflex?
dorsiflexion of lg toe with plantar stimulation
When will primitive reflexes return?
with a frontal lobe lesion
Which nerve innervates the parotid gland?
Which nerve innervates the submax and subman glands?
Which nerve does ant 2/3 taste?
Which nerve does post 1/3 taste?
Which cranial nerve nuclei are located in the midbrain?
Which cranial nerve nuclei are located in the pons?
Which cranial nerve nuclei are located in the medulla?
What does the nucleus solitarius do?
visceral sensory information, taste, baroreceptors, gut distention
What nerves input into the nucleus solitarius?
What is the nucleus ambuiguus?
motor innervation of pharynx, larynx, and upper esophagus
What nerves come from the nucleus ambiguus?
What does the dorsal motor nucleus do?
Send automonomic fiber to heart, lungs, upper gi
What comes out the cribiform plate?
What comes out the optic canal?
CNII, ophthalmic a., central retinal v.
What comes out the SOF?
CNIII,IV,V1,V6, ophthalmic v.
What comes out the foreman rotundum?
What comes out the foreman ovale?
What comes out the foreman spinosum?
middle meningeal artery
What comes out the internal auditory meatus?
What comes out the jugular foramen?
Jugular v., CN IX,X,XI
What come out the hypoglossal canal?
What comes out the foramen magnum?
spinal roots of CNXI, brain stem, vertebral arteries
What are the muslces of mastication?
temporalis, masseter, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid
Which muscle opens the jaws?
lateral pterygoid
What innervates the muscle of mastication?
Which is the only glossal muscle not innervated by the hypoglossal n.?
What is the palatoglossal nerve innervated by?
Which palat muscle in not innervated by the vagus?
tensor veli palatini
What is the tensor veli palatini innerved by?
Describe the pupillary light reflex?
light-CNII-pretectal area-Edinger Westphal nucleus-CNIII-pupils constrict
Where is the lesion if a person can comprehend, but has a difficult time speaking?
broca area
Where is the lesion if a person can't comprehend, but talks too much?
wernicki area
Where is the lesion is a person can't repeat, but can talk and comprehend?
arcuate fasciculus
What does a pt have if they are hyperoral, hypersexed, and have disinhibited behavior?
Kluver-Bucy syndrome with a lesion of the amygdala
Where is the lesion if a pt neglects to shave the left side of his face?
right parietal lobe
What is spatial neglect syndrome?
agnosia of the contralateral side of the world, injury to parietal lobe
Where is the lesion that causes an intentional tremor?
Where is the lesion that causes a resting tremor?
basal ganglia
What is a sudden, jerky, purposeless movement?
Where is the lesion that causes chorea?
basal ganglia
What is athetosis?
slow, wirthing movements usually of the fingers
Where is the lesion that cause athetosis?
basal ganglia
What is it when a pt has sudden, wild flailing of 1 arm?
Where is the lesion for hemiballismus?
subthalamic nuclei contralateral side
Where is broca's area?
inferior frontal gyrus
Where is wernicke's area?
superior temporal gyrus
Where do berry aneurysms occur?
bifurcation in the circle of Willis
Where is the most common site of berry aneurysms?
anterior communicating artery
What happens when a berry aneurysm ruptures?
hemorrhagic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage
What disease are associated with berry aneurysms?
Adult polycystic kidney dz, Ehlers-Danlos, Marfans
What are the risk factors for berry aneurysms?
advanced age, HTN, smoking, race
Where are most adult brain tumors?
Where are most childhood brain tumors?
List the three most common adult brain tumors.
Gliobastoma multiforme, Meningioma, Schwannoma
What histology is seen with glioblastoma multiforme?
pseudopalisading tumor cells
What histology is seen with meningioma?
spindle cells concentrically arranged in a whorled pattern, psammoma bodies