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What do the follicles of LN contain?
B cells, primary--dense and dormant, secondary--pale and active
What does the medulla contain?
medullary cords and sinuses
What do the medullary sinuses contain?
reticular cells and MG
Where is the paracortex?
between the follicles and the medulla
What is in the paracortex?
T cells
Which part of the LN is not well developed in DiGeorges Syndrome?
the paracortex
What does the right thoracic duct drain?
r arm and r face
Where are the T cells in the spleen?
PALS, red pulp
Where are the B cells in the spleen?
white pulp follicles
What is derived from the 3rd brachial pouch?
What is the orgin of lymphocytes?
What is found in the cortex of the thymus?
immature T cells
What is found in the medulla of the thymus?
mature T cells, epithelial reticular cells, hassall's corpuscle
Where does positive and negative T cell selection happen?
corticomedullary junction of the thymus
Which cells are found in innate immunity?
neutrophils, MG, dendritic cells, complement
What cells are in adaptive immunity?
T, B cells, circulating Ab
What do Th1 cells do?
secrete IL-2 and INF-g to activated MGs and CD8 cells
What do Th2 cells do?
make IL-4, IL-5 to help B cells make Ab
What are CD8 cells responsible for?
cytotoxic effect
What cells express MHC-I?
almost all nucleated cells
Where is the Ag loaded onto MHCI?
Which MHC pairs iwth Beta2-microglobulin?
Where is the Ag loaded onto MHCII?
acidified endosome
Which MHC is responsible for organ rejection?
What hypersensitivity response happens with IgE?
type I
What type of hypersensitivity response involves T cells?
type IV
What are the Ag presenting cells?
B cell, MG, dendritic cell
Which chains contribute to Fab?
heavy and light
Which chains contribute to Fc?
heavy only
What do Ab do?
neutralize, opsonize, and complement activation
How is Ab diveristy generated?
random recombination of VJ and VDJ, recomdination of heavy with lights, somatic hypermutation, addition of nucleotides to DNA during recomination by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
Which Ab isotypes are expressed on the surface of mature B cells?
IgM and IgD
What causes isotype switching?
cytokines and CD40L
Which isotypes fix complement?
IgG and IgM
Which isotype crosses the placenta?
What stimulates MG?
What cells have CD4, TCR, CD3, CD28, CD40L?
Helper T cells
What cells have CD8,TCR, CD3?
Cytotoxic T cells
What cells have IgM, B7, CD19, CD20, MHCII?
B cells
What cells have MHC II, CD14, FcR, C3bR?
What cells have MHC I?
all cells except mature red cells
What is the function of C5a?
neutrophil chemotaxis
What does a C1 esterase I deficiency lead to?
hereditary angioedema
What does a deficiency in C3 lead to?
severe reccurent pyogenic sinus and respiratory tract infection
What does a C6-C8 deficiency lead to?
Neisseria bacteremia
What does a defciency of decay-accelerating factor lead to?
paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria PNH
What do interferons do?
put uninfected cells into an antiviral state
What do interferon alpha and beta do?
inhibit viral ptn synthesis
What does interferon gamma do?
inc MHCI and MHCII expression and Ag presentation in all cells
Which infections require passive immunity?
Tetanus, Botulinum, HBV, Rabes--To be healed rapidly
What is anergy?
when self-reactive T cells become nonreactive without a costimulatory molecule
What are the two types of Type I hypersensitivity?
anaphylaxis and atopic (hay fever)
Why is Type I hypersensitivity so fast?
because the cels are presensitized and the IgE is ready and awaiting the arrival of another exposure
What are the types of Type III hypersensitivity?
immune complex, serum sickness, arthus reaction
What are examples of type II hypersensitivity?
hemolytic anemeia, HTP, erthroblastosis fetalis, RF, Goodpasture, bullous pemphigoid, grave's dz, MG
What are examples of Type III reaction?
Lupus, RA, PAN, Post-strep glomerulonephritis, serum sickness, arthus, hypersensitivity pnumonitis
What are examples of Type IV reaction?
Type I DM, MS, GBS, Hashimoto's, GVH dz, PPD, Contact dermitis
What does a pt with ANA have?
What does a pt with Anti-dsDNA and anti-smith have?
What does a patient with antihistone have?
Drug induced lupus
What does a patient iwth Anti-IgG RF have?
What does a pt with cANCA or pANCA have?
What does a pt with anticentromere have?
CREST, scleorderma
What does a pt with anti-Scl-170 have?
diffuse scleroderma
What does a pt with antimitochondrial Ab have?
primary biliary cirrhosis
What does a pt with antigliadin have?
celiac dz
What does a pt with anti-BM have?
goodpastures syndrome
Whta does a pt with anti-epithelial cells have?
pemphigus vulgaris
What does a pt with antimicrosomal have?
hashimoto's thyroiditis
What does a pt with Anti-Jo-1 have?
polymyositis, dermatomyositis
What do pt with B27 HLA have?
PAIR, Psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, IBD, Reiter's syndrome
What does a pt with B8 HLA have?
Grave's Dz, celiac sprue
What does a pt with DR2 have?
MS, hay fever, SLE, goodpasture
What does a pt with DR3 have?
What does a pt with DR4 have?
What does a pt with DR5 have?
pernious anemia, Vit B12 deficiency, Hashimoto's
What does a pt with DR7 have?
steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome
Why does Hyperacute tissue rejection happen?
preformed Ab to donor tissue
When does acute rejection happen?
within weeks
How does acute rejection happen?
cytotoxic T cells react with foreign MHC
What is chronic rejection?
Ab-mediated vascular damage, months to years, irreversible
What is GVH dz?
grafted immunocompetent T cells proliferate in irradiated IC host, organ dysfunction
What are the signs of GVH dz?
maculopapular rash, jaundice, HSM, D
What condition presents with disseminated mycobacterial infection?
IL-12 receptor deficincy
Which condition presents with recurrent pyogenic infections, thrombocytopenic purpura, eczema?
Which condition has high levels of IgE?
Job's syndrome
Which condition has high levels of IgA, nl levels of IgE, low IgM?
Which condition has high levels of IgM, very low levels of IgG, IgA, and IgE?
hyperIgM syndrome
Which condition presents early with severe pyogenic and fungal infection and delayed separation of umbilicus?
Leukocyte adhesion deficiency syndrome
Which condition is diagnosed with nitroblu tetrazolium dye reduction test?
chronic granulomatous disease
Which condition presents with sinus and lung infections, milk allergies, and D?
selective immunoglobulin deficiency
Which Ig is the most common selective Ig deficiency?