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What does the celiac artery supply?
stomach to prox duodenum, liver, panc, GB
What does the SMA supply?
distal duodenum to 2/3 prox transervse colon
What does the IMA supply?
distal 1/3 transverse colon to upper rectum
Which organs are retroperitoneal?
adrenals, kidney, pancrease, aorta, IVC, rectum, descending, ascending colon, duodenum 2-4th parts
What are the branches of the celiac a.?
common hepatic, l. gastric, splenic
Where does the R gastroepiploic come from?
off the gastroduodenal a. off the common hepatic
Where does the R gastric artery come from?
the common hepatic
Where does the L gastric artery come from?
the splenic artery
What anastomosing do you see with portal HTN?
esophageal varicies, caput medusa, external hemorroids
Which ligament is the portal triad in?
Which part of the GI tract has the highest frequency of basal electrical rhythm?
the duodenum
When do you see hypertrophy of the brunner's glands?
Do the liver sinusoids have BM?
no, fenestrated endothelium without a BM
What type of CA happens above the pectinate line?
What type of CA happens below the pectinate line?
squamous cell CA
Which hemorrhoids are painful?
What is the path of blood above the pectinate line?
IMA-superior rectal-IMV-Portal
What is the path of blood below the pectinate line?
internal pudendal-infer rectal a-infer rectal v-internal iliac vein-IVC
What is in the femoral sheath?
femoral vein, artery, and canal, no nerve
Is the femoral nerve part of the femoral sheath?
What is the most later component of the femoral triangle?
the nerve
Where does the external spermatic fascia come from?
external oblique aponeurosis
Where does the cremaster and fascia come from?
internal oblique
Where does the internal spermatic fascia come from?
transversalis fascia
What do parietal cells secrete?
IF, gastic acid
What do chief cells secrete?
What do mucosal cells secrete?
What is the function of IF?
binds to vit B12 for uptake by terminal ilium
What inc gastric acid secretion?
inc histamine, Ach, gastrin
What dec gastric acid secretion?
somatostatin, GIP, PGE, secretin
What inc Bicarb secretion?
What inc pepsin secretion?
vagal stim, local acid
Which hormone causes cholelithiasis pain?
CCK--GB contraction
What cleaves trypsinogen?
enterokinase on duodenal BB
What abs glucose and galactose?
How is fructose taken up?
How are sugars put into blood?
Which dz has a bird beak on barium swallow?
What does achalasia inc your risk of ?
squamous cell esophageal CA
What CA is assoc. with Barrett's esophagus?
What are the risk factors for esophageal CA?
Alcohol, Barettes, Cigarettes, Diverticuli, Esophageal web, Esophagitis, Familial
What type of esophageal CA is most prevalent WW? US?
squamous WW, squamous=Adeno US
Who does congenital pyloric stenosis affect?
first born males 1/600
What is the treatment of congenital pyloric stenosis?
What are the Ab against in celiac sprue?
Where is the bowel affected in celiac sprue?
prox small bowel only
What are the findings in celiac sprue?
blunting of villi, lymphocytes in LP
What is assoc. with dermatitis herpetiformis?
celiac sprue
What CA is associated with celiac sprue?
T cell lymphoma
Who does Whipple Dz affect?
older men
What is Whipple Dz?
infection iwth T. Whippeli
What are the sx of Whipple Dz?
steatorrhea, wt loss, weakness, arthralgias, cardiac and neurologic abnl
What cause Type A chronic gastritis?
autoAb to parietal cells
What does Type A chronic gastritis lead to?
pernious anemia and achlorhydria
What cause Type B chronic gastritis?
h. pylori
Where is Type A chronic gastritis?
Where is Type B chronic gastritis?
What are some casues of acute gastritis?
NSAID, stress, burns, head injury, suicide attempt, smoking, alcohol
What kind of stomach cancer is prevalent?
What is gastric CA assoc. with?
nitrosamines, achlorhydria, chronic gastritis, type A blood
What is linitis plastica?
Diffusely infiltrative gastric CA, thickenen, rigid appearance
What are Krukenberg's tumor?
bilat mets to ovaries, abundant mucus, signet cells
What is Virchow's node?
met to supraclavicular node from stomach
What extraintestinal manifestations are assoc. with UC?
pyoderma gangrenosum, primary sclerosing cholangitis
What can cause toxic megacolon?
Which IBD has colorectal CA as a complication?
What is on the DDx for appendicitis?
diverticulitis, ectopic pregnancy
Where is the most common site of diverticulum?
sigmoid colon
What leads to Meckle's Diverticulum?
persistence of vitelline duct
What can cause halitosis, dysphagia, obstruction?
Zenker's Diverticulum
Where do most volvulus occur?
sigmoid colon
Which polyp is most likely benign?
Where are most polyps?
What do colonic polyps look like?
What tumor marker is used for colorectal CA?
What has an apple core appearance on barium xray?
colorectal CA
What causes colorectal CA?
chromosomal instability, microsatellite instability
What mutations is assoc. with Familial adenomatous polyposis?
APC on chromo 5
Where does FAP affect?
pancolitis, including rectum
What is Gardner's sundrome?
CRC with osseous and soft tissue tumors, rtinal hyperplasia
What is turcot's sundrome?
CRC with brain involvment
What is HNPCC assoc. with?
DNA repair genes, affects prox colon
What is Peutz-Jeghers?
benign polyposis syndrome, no inc risk of CRC
What does a pt have with hamartomatous polyps of the colon and sm intestine, hyperpigmentaed mouth, lips,hands, genitalia?
What does ALT/AST indicate?
viral hep, acoholic hep, myocardial infarction
What GGT?
various liver dz
What is alk phos?
obstructive liver dz, bone dz
What is amylase?
acute pancreatitis, mumps
What is lipase for?
acute pancreatitis
What is Budd-Chiari syndrome assoc. with?
pregnancy, polycythemia vera, HCC
What is budd-Chiari syndrome?
occlusion of IVC or hepatic veins leading to congestive liver dz
What is Wilson's Dz?
inadequate hepatic copper excretion
What organs are affected by Wilson's Dz?
liver, brain, cornea, kidney, jts
What is used to treat Wilson's Dz?
What are seen in the eyes of pt with Wilson's Dz?
Kayser-Fleischer rings, copper deposites in the cornea
Which HLA was assoc. with hemochromatosis?
What does a pt with bronze diabetes have?
What does a pt have with a black liver?
Dubin-Johnson syndrome
What is Charcot's Triad of Cholangitis?
jaundice, fever, RUQ pain
What does Primary sclerosing cholangitis show in ErCP?
When do you see inc serum mitochondrial Ab?
primary biliary cirrhosis
What is primary biliary cirrhosis assoc with?
When do you see epatoencephalopathy, faty liver changes, hypoglycemia, coma?
reye syndrome
When do you see dense core bodies?
What does a pt have when she has wheezing, right-sided heart lesion, D, flushing?