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Which organism has pseudohyphea at 20 degrees?
candida albicans
Which organism has germ tube at 37 degrees?
candida albicans
Which organism is responsible for thrush esophagitis, vaginitis, endocarditis of IDUs, diaper rash?
candid albicans
What is used to treat superficial candida albicans?
What is used to treat systemic candida albicans?
amphotericin B
Where is coccidioidomycosis endemic?
Southwestern US, California
What is the other name for San Joaquin Valley fever?
What is the prognosis of someone with desert valley fever?
spontaneous recovery
Which systemic mycoses is intracellular, tiny yeast inside MGs?
What is the unique feature of histoplasmosis?
captain's wheel
How is histoplasmosis contracted?
From bird and bat dropping
What are the dimorphic fungi?
coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis, paracoccidioidmycosis, blastmoycosis
What form is the dimorphic fungi in when it is cold?
What form is the dimorphic fungi in when there is heat?
What is the treatment for dimorphic fungi?
fluconazole, ketoconazol, amphotericin
What can systemic mycoses loock like?
TB with granuloma formation