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Kibbutz/ Kibutz plural Kibbutzim
a seperate group of people that are focused on equalaty
a force that was a secerate police run by Nazi, very ruthles
Star of David
a symble that represents judism, been used since the 17th century, can be found in the flag of Isrial
a concentration camp in poland 9/10 of the people that died there were jewish
Kosher Kasher / kashrut
the diatory laws a sertain way of eating
the nazi symble it was used resemble hate, murder, death, and violence
Rosh Hashanah
a new year, starts jan 1, no one works no one hoes to shcool rememberence to people that have died
a priest or minister if they were cought teaching religious acts they would be killed
a jewish symble for their religion like a candle holder
Lodz Ghetto
a city or a section of lodz were jews were held without good living conditions
kristallnicht kristallnacht
a night wen lots of jewish places were destroyed such as churches and stores. a night of broken glass.
Yom Kipper
a holliday were you go to the sinigog they wear white close and fast(starve)
a killing center 100,000 jews dead, some tried to escape they were killed
the jewish bible has been added onto writen on parchment scrols decorated in silver and gold old testamaments in the catholic bible
1,120,000 people killed here a concentration camp
8 days, a religious holoday were people used to put lamb blood on their doors
a group of 10 men found in a church have to be there to end any prayre service
Kiddush / Kaddish
a prayre recited when someone dies and a year after they die
spoken by jewish people 90% of them.