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1000 BCE
Davis unites Irealite tribes and becomes king at Jerusalem
950 BCE
Solomon builds First Temple at Jerusalem
922 BCE
Israelites divide into two kingdoms: Judah (south) and Israel (north)
732 BCE
First Assurian Deportation of Israel (northern kingdom -- Gamiliee and Gilead areas)
721 BCE
Second Assurian Deportation of Israel (reduced northern kingdoms -- Samaria)
701 BCE
Assyrian Deportation of Judah (southern kingdom)-- Jerusalem spared!!
537 BCE
Persian Empire (Cyrus) allows Jews to return to Judah
520 BCE
Second Temple (Zerubbabel) built on the site of the earlier temple
430 BCE
End of teh Hebrew Bible(Old Testament) record
332 BCE
Alexander teh Great conquers Near East -- Hellenistic (Greek) influence
164 BCE
Jewish independence from Surian-Greek rule -- "Hanuka" (temple rededication)
63 BCE
Romans conquer the Land of Israel (eventually install King Herod the Great)
20 BCE
Second Temple dismantled and newly rebuilt -- Temple of Herod
10 BCE
Ministry of HIllel and SHammai (the two leading Pharisee schools of thought)
Death of king Herod the Great (birth of Jesus)
30 CE
Ministry of Gamliel I (also of Jesus and Simon Peter)
70 CE
End of the fist Jewush revolt -- destruction of Jerusalem and Herod's Temple
135 CE
End of Second Jewish Revolt (Bar Kokba) -- Jews banned from Judea
200 CE
Yehudah HaNasi -- Mishna collected and written
Talmud assembled
Gemara collected and written in Tiberias and Babylon
586 BCE
Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and First Temple