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this is 384,400 kilometers from the earth
what is the moon
The amount of days it takes the moon to revolve once around earth
what is 27.3 days
This occurs whenthe moon'[s shadow hits Earth or Earth's shadow hits the moon
What is a eclipse
This occurs when there is a full moon when Earth is directly between the moon and the sun
what is a lunar eclipse
this term implies the darkest part of moon's shadows
what is umbra
This star's atmosphere has three layers--its photosphere, chromosphere and the corona.
what is the sun's atmospheres
This is the type of energy the sun gets its energy
what is nuclear fusion
term for areas of gas on the sun that are cooler than the gases around them
what is sunspots
This is the gas that three fourths of the sun's mass is comprised of
what is hydrogen
a gas that up 20% of the earth's atmosphere
what is oxygen
70% of the earth is covered by this
what is water
branch of science that is the study of the moon starts and other objects in space
What is astronomy
This is the measurement of distance from the equator expressed in degrees North and South
What is latitude
In this year which occurs every four years the month of February has only 29 days instead of 28
What is a leap year
I am a Italian atronomer who is credited with inventing the telescope
I am famous astronaut and I am remembered for saying " One step for man, one giant step for mankind"
Who is Neil Armstrong?
Pits on the moon's surface
What is craters?
The force that pulls the moon and Earth towards each other and is responsible for the tides.
What is gravity?
What county's people are
credited with developing the first calender of 365 days by dividing into a year
Who are the Egyptians
the outer layer of the sun's atmosphere
What is the corona