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metus, -ūs, m.
fear, dread
versus, -ūs, m.
a turning, a verse [of poetry]
adsum, adesse, adfuī, adfutūrus
be present at, be present to help
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātum
bring, bear, take; relate
impōnō, -ere, imposuī, impositum
put in, put on, decieve
īnstō, -āre, institī, ___
stant in, stant on; follow closely, press
ōstendō, -ere, ōstendī, ōstentum
display, show
praestō, -āre, praestitī, praestitum
send forth; promise
prōsum, prōdesse, prōfuī, prōfutūrus
be useful, be advantageous, be profitable