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Agmen, agminis, n
line of march, army on the march, column
ancora, ae, f
auctor, auctoris, m
author, originator, founder, sponser
casus, us, m
fall, chance, accident, fate
latus, lateris, n
side, flank
os, oris, n
mouth, face
palus, paludis, f
swamp, marsh
praeda, ae, f
ceteri, ae, a
the rest of, the other
complures, complura
several, quite a few
audeo, ere, auxi, auctum
consido, ere, consedi, consessum
sit down, settle, encamp
convenit, ire, convenit
it is convenient
doleo, ere, dolui, dolitum
grieve, be sorry, grieve for
exploro, are, avi, atum
explore, search out
Licet mihi ire.
I am permitted to go.
(It is permitted for me to go)
Oportet eos discedere.
They ought to depart.
Accidit ut ire non possimus.
It happens that we cannot go.
Primum agmen
novissimum agmen
Convenit eos discedere.
It is convenient that they depart.
licet, ere, licuit
it is permitted
oportet, ere, oportuit
it is necessary, i5 is proper
perturbo, are, avi, atum
alarm, upset, throw into confusion
suscipio, ere, suscepi, susceptum
tego, ere, texi, tectum
vivo, ere, vixi, victum
live, be alive
What structure does Licet use?
dative for person, infinitive for verb
What structure do Oportet and Convenit take?
accusative fro person and infinitive for verb
What structure does accidit take?
substantive clause of result (subjuntive, with ut and an infinitive)