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pello, -ere, pepuli, pulsum
strike, push; rout
impello, -ere, impuli, impulsum
push on, strike upon
expello, -ere, expuli, expulsum
push out, expel
appello, -ere, appuli, appulsum
push to, drive to, direct to
agito, -are, -avi, -atum
put in constant motion (+ all other meanings of ago with the additional idea of repetition or continuance)
reddo, -ere, reddidi, redditum
give back; render
quaero, -ere, quaesivi, quaesitum
seek, search for, ask for
fleo, -ere, flevi, fletum
(intrans.) weep, (trans.) weep for
flecto, -ere, flexi, flexum
alo, -ere, alui, alitum
feed, nourish, support, rear
ago, -ere, egi, actum
drive, set in motion, do, act
voluptas, voluptatis
f. pleasure
sermo, sermonis
m. talk, conversation
proles, prolis
f. offspring
minister, ministri
m. waiter, attendant, servant
membrum, -i
n. part (of the body), organ, limb
detraho, -ere, detraxi, detractum
drag down; remove; humiliate, slander
abstraho, -ere, abstraxi, abstractum
drag away
persequor, -i, persecutus sum
follow constantly, pursue, persecute
consequor, -i, consecutus sum
follow (as a consequence); catch up with, get, obtain
fere (adv.)
(adv.) almost, nearly; generally, usually; non fere, hardly
traho, -ere, traxi, tractum
draw, drag
sequor, -i, secutus sum
contemno, -ere, contempsi, contemptum
despise, feel contempt for, belittle
aio, ___, ___, ___
say yes; affirm, assert, state
humanus, -a, -um
human; humane
opes, opum
f. (pl.) resources
officium, -i
n. duty
littera, -ae
f. letter (of the alphabet), (pl.) document, letter; literature
finis, finis
m. or f. (i-stem) end, boundary
clamor, clamoris
m. shout, cry
civitas, civitatis
f. citizenship, citizenry
sumo, -ere, sumpsi, sumptum
take; put on [clothing]
rapio, -ere, rapui, raptum
morior, -i, moriturus
loquor, -i, locutus sum
cano, -ere, cecini, cantum
(trans. and intrans.) sing, play [on a musical instrument]
caedo, -ere, cecidi, caesum
fell, cut down
cado, -ere, cecidi casum
mortuus, -a, um
improbus, -a, um
bad, depraved, shameless
pudor, pudoris
m. shame, modesty, decency; {a woman's} honor
comes, comitis
m. or f. companion
mora, -ae
f. delay
eripio, -ere, eripui, ereptum
snatch out, rescue
occido, ere, occidi, occasum
fall down, sink
occido, -ere, occidi, occisum
cut down, kill
amans, amantis, m.
a lover
audientes, audientum, m.
the audience
docti, doctorum, m.
the learned
nata, -ae, f.
a daughter
natus, -i, m.
a son
victi, victorum, m.
the conquered
coma, -ae, f.
hair (of the head); foliage (of a tree)
mos, moris, m.
pax, pacis, f.
scelus, sceleris, n.
wickedness, crime
spatium, -i, n.
space; distance; period
tergum, -i, n.
victoria, -ae, f.
brevis, -e
insignis, -e
distinguished, remarkable
augeo, -ere, auxi, auctum
increase (transitive)
defendo, -ere, defendi, defensum
desero, -ere, deserui, desertum