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Government should be in the hands of the experienced, educated leaders.
Central Government should be weak. "That government is best which governs least." A weak central government will protect the country form the evil effects of minority rule
Jefferson-Concentration of power among branches
Concentration of power in any single branch of government is dangerous. There should be a seperation of powers in government.
Jefferson- Class preference
The independent farmer is the backbone of nation. City workers cannot be trusted in politics since they may be swayed by unscrupulous power seekers (demagogues).
All citizens are fit for office, regardless of background.
Central government should be strong. Business should be controlled if necessary. A strong central government will make it possible to check the power of a favored few.
Jackson-Concentration of power among the branches
The executive branch of the government should provide leadership for the nation. The President is the representative of all the people.
Jackson- Class preferences.
The common man is the backbone of the nation. The city worker, the farmer and the small businessman can all be trusted to assume responsibility for the general welfare.