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Properties of acids
Sour,Conduct electrical currents, React with bases to form salts and water
Properties of base
Bitter, Oily, conduct an electric current,react with acids to form salts and water
When dissolved in water what do acids give off
Hydrogen gas
When dissolved in water what do bases give off
hydroxide ions, OH-
What color does an acid turn litmus paper?
What color does a base turn litmus paper?
pH of a neutral solution =
pH of an acidic solution
[H+] equals In a Neutral solution
1 x 10-7 M
[H+] In an Acidic solution equals
greater than 1 x 10-7 M
pH of a basic/alkaline solution
› 7
[H+] in a basic/alkaline solution equals
less than 1 x 10-7 M
On a calculator pH=
On a calculator pOH=
1 x 10-14